The Power of a Can-Do Attitude, What it looks like, How to develop it and What makes it is So Important Today By John Hackett Ed.D.

The power of a can-do attitude couldn’t be a more important topic for this month’s Network Marketing Magazine and this time in our country and our world. A Can-Do Attitude is so important today as we face a myriad of uncertain forces affecting all we do. 

In discussing the Can-Do Attitude, we have to consider three things. What does a Can-Do attitude look like? Secondly, since attitudes can be changed, what practices can a person implement to develop a Can-Do Attitude. Finally, what makes a Can-do Attitude so powerful and vital today?

What is a Can-Do Attitude? A Can-Do Attitude is the intentional choice of a collection of commitments/ attitudes/ actions that create a view or a mindset of “I can do this”.

A can-do attitude is characterized by…

  1. A commitment to a  purpose and focus to achieve.
  2. A commitment   to be part of something bigger than themselves
  3. A commitment to sacrifice and  hard work
  4. An attitude of curiosity to learn, grow, and serve.
  5. An attitude of humility and openness to learning from and work with others.
  6. An action to become be what Patrick Lencioni would describe in the Ideal Team Player as Humble, Hungry, and Smart, learn, serve, and continually improve.
  7. An action of intentionally service to  add value to others
  8. An action of seeking help to develop big picture thinking and small steps planning,
  9. An attitude that as  Sinek puts it in The Infinite Game, life and achievement is an infinite game; it is a journey, not a destination and  responding to change as a constant of life with challenges and opportunities
  10. An action of learning from failure and success and moving on.

Can one develop a Can-Do Attitude?

Yes, if you choose to develop a Can-Do Attitude and Mindset and are willing to do the heavy lifting. This process is not an easy one, it is not a read the book and follow a 21-day approach. Developing a CanDo Attitude requires choice, commitment, and action.

Here are some steps to start the journey to being a Can -Do  person…

1. Choose and Commit to a process of improving your Attitude as a long term process.

2. Honestly, asses where you are and where you want to be.

3. Seek mentors who will be as Jim Collins says in Good to Great will be brutally honest with you about the steps you need to take and stay with you.

4.Devise a plan to develop and practice the skills you choose you to develop with frequent review sessions

5. Carefully and honestly look at what are the inputs in your life currently asking is what I want to be reinforced by what I listen to, watch, read. Decide if the people in your life are helping or hurting your development of a Can-Do Attitude

6. Take the courageous steps to address what needs to be changed from steps

7. Begin a course of self-development and seek people who will add value to you and this process

8. Develop a daily schedule that that focus on practicing learning and reflecting on achieving your goals

9.Review your progress with your mentor or coach frequently

10. Never cut corners, Celebrate and learn from  achievements, learn from failure, stay focused and moving forward

11. Give back at work, in the community or anywhere there is a need, seek ways to serve and add value to others.

Remember to thank those who helped you. 

 A Can-Do Attitude is very powerful.

History provides many examples of the power of the Can-Do Attitude.

  1. An upstart group of colonists defeats the largest empire in the world to become the United States.
  2. Abraham Lincoln, an uneducated backwoods lawyer, declares that a house divided against itself can not stand and reunifies the United States.
  3. Franklin Delano Roosevelt, a wealthy invalid with no use of his legs, tells Americans amid the great depression that the only thing to fear is fear itself.
  4. Mahatma Gandhi leads India to independence from Great Britain non-violently
  5. Martin Luther King declares he has a dream and follows it to lead desegregation.

A Can-Do Attitude is very powerful in our lives today because….

1. A Can-Do Attitude provides focus to learn, act  and serve

2. A Can-Do Attitude provides a different perspective to view event

3. A Can-Doo Attitude like COVID19 can be mobilizing and empowering, consider Rosie the Riveter

4. A Can- Do Attitude can be more contagious than the COVID 19 virus .

The development of a Can-Do Attitude is an inside-outside process, a hard journey. John Maxwell, the most published leadership expert in the world, says it well,” the hardest person for me to lead is john, Maxwell.”Your hardest person to lead will be you.

 You are worth the hard work to find the inputs that will guide your journey, the mentors, and coaches who will walk with you. The world has never before needed such Can- Do leaders as you can become. Take the time to do the work and remember always to give back


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John Hackett
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