There are Three Cs in life: CHOICE, CHANCE, CHANGE.

You must make a CHOICE to take a CHANCE, or your life will never CHANGE

~Zig Ziglar


There is so much power in those 3 little words – life-changing power! These 3 little words can unlock the power to create the life and lifestyle of your dreams! I imagine that is why this Zig Ziglar’s quote is so famous: “There are three Cs in life: Choice, Chance, Change. You must make a Choice to take a Chance, or your life will never Change!”

Another famous quote by Denis Waitley further expands on the subject: “There are two primary choices in life: to accept conditions as they exist or accept the responsibility for changing them.” Personal and Professional Development experts know the transformational power of these 3 words to help people take the chances and make the choices to change their life for the better.

★We Cannot Become What We Want By Remaining What We Are★

Max Depree

These 3 powerful words can also evoke resistance, which is usually based on past experiences of choices we made, chances we took or changes we made that led to painful consequences. That resistance can also be based on the choices we didn’t make, the chances we didn’t take, or changes we didn’t make that led to painful consequences or left us with regrets.

Those past experiences may cause fear and doubt to keep us trapped in our challenges and circumstances. Those past experiences may also cause us to doubt our ability to make good choices and cause us to fear taking chances. That leads to fear and resistance to making the needed changes to create a life and lifestyle that we truly love.

CHOICE: A Decision You Make Based on a Comparison of More than One Option

CHANCE: An Opportunity that Presents Itself & The Risk Associated with Pursuing that Opportunity

CHANGE: To Experience Transformation or to Transition or to Change Course

If we do an honest evaluation of our life, we will most likely discover that most of those changes, choices, and changes have been within our power. The benefit of that painful truth is that if those changes, choices, and changes have created the life we have lived up until now, taking different chances and making different choices can change the life we live now and in the future for the better!

In this article, we will expand upon these 3 powerful words from a personal and professional development perspective and explore the opportunities that challenges present for choice, chance, and change. As a Certified Dream Coach©, this article is written with the goal of helping you transform challenges into changes that empower you to create the life and lifestyle of your dreams!


It is no secret that life is full of challenges – work challenges, health challenges, emotional challenges, family challenges, financial challenges…and the list goes on. While the word challenge is usually considered in a negative perspective when used in connection with problems, many challenges can be a powerful positive catalyst for change to create the life of our dreams.

While some challenges and circumstances are completely beyond our control, one of the most difficult things for us to accept is the fact that our life right now is the result of the many chances we have taken – or not taken – as well as the many choices we have made – or not made – that have either changed our life for the better or for the worse.

A challenge often causes us to stop and reevaluate our lives and our life choices. It can also bring us to a crossroads where we must make a choice or take a chance that changes our life. Most of the great success stories include a challenge that brought them to a crossroads and became the catalyst that caused them to make choices, take chances and make changes that led to their success.

★Challenges Can Be the Catalyst to Make the Choices & Changes to Create the Life of Your Dreams★

Challenges present the opportunity for us to choose to change or they can force us to change. Either way, we have the opportunity to make choices and take chances we never dreamed we would take that can result in becoming someone we never dreamed we could be and accomplishing things we never dreamed we could do, and leading us to places we never dreamed we would go.


      “My own story is a perfect example of how life challenges can be the catalyst that leads you to the crossroads that leads you to make the choice to create a new life-changing course…My personal challenge started over 30 years ago when an accident suddenly turned my life upside down and left me bedridden on and off for 9 long years with multiple injuries and serious health challenges. A friend eventually introduced me to a natural health product that literally saved my life! That fueled my passion and my mission to become a natural health expert in order to help others restore their health naturally. But I didn’t start out in the business. My friend kept trying to convince me to join the business, but I kept telling her I wasn’t a salesperson and I didn’t want to be a salesperson! I just wanted to help people! One day I was telling her how heartbreaking it was that there were people who desperately needed the product but could not afford it. Then she said the critical words that changed everything… She said that if I joined the business, I could make enough money to give the product away to everyone and anyone!

Open quotation mark with solid fillThat touched my heart and ignited my passion, even more, to turn the business into my mission! I immediately made the choice to take a chance and joined the business and personally-sponsored thousands of customers and reps and generated millions of dollars in life-changing product sales! I was an entrepreneur at heart but I could not figure out what business to pursue. My challenges had finally led me to discover my “Dream Biz!” I was finally achieving my dream of “Making a Living & Making a Difference!” My challenges and those defining moments in my life changed the course of my entire life! It began a journey that led me to discover natural health, as well as this amazing profession, that led me to discover many other passions as you can see in my bio. More importantly, not only did my challenges change MY life, but they changed the lives of tens of thousands of people over the past 25 years!

Over the last few years, many of us suddenly faced life-altering and even life-threatening challenges, many of which were beyond our control! We also faced many life-defining moments as we tried desperately to find our “new normal” while still trying to deal with the sudden and constant challenges, changes, and chaos.

The challenges we faced caused many of us to look at the choices we were making in our lives and re-evaluate what was really important to us – our priorities, our values, our goals – and came to the conclusion that there are more important things in life than work and money and we were no longer willing to sacrifice what is most important in our life for a job or career.

Quality of life moved to the top of the list of what we value most and we realized that in order to create the quality of life we desired, we had to make choices we never thought we would make, take chances we never thought we would take and make changes we never thought we could make, to align our lives with our priorities, values, and goals. That was especially true in our jobs and careers.

The Great Resignation ~ The Great Reevaluation ~ The Entrepreneurial Revolution

Millions Take The Chance & Make The Choice To Change Their Career & Lifestyle

While we hear a lot about “The Great Resignation,” we don’t hear as much about “The Great Reevaluation” that led to “The Great Resignation” and “The Great Entrepreneurial Revolution!” According to news reports, over 47 MILLION people made the choice to resign from their jobs or careers in 2021 – and that trend has continued in 2022 with millions making the choice every month!

Many of those workers surveyed faced similar challenges that forced them to make the choice to change jobs or careers or take a chance by starting their own business. Those reasons included increased health risks, workload, work hours, exhaustion, physical illness, and mental illness as well as decreased fulfillment, appreciation, time with family, personal time, and more.

Of course, we cannot ignore the fact that remote work became an option for many workers and once they enjoyed all the benefits of the work-at-home lifestyle, the thought of going back to their old work lifestyle was not going to work for them anymore! They had achieved a life balance that they had only dreamed of and they were not willing to give up that lifestyle.

While “Work-Life Balance” used to be reserved mainly for conversations with a Life Coach, it quickly became the conversation around the world as people began to realize that they no longer wanted their life to revolve around their work and wanted their work to revolve around their life. They began to realize they had choices and began to contemplate those choices and make changes.

We saw the results of those conversations, choices, and changes as millions of people walked away from jobs and careers and made the choice to choose work or start their own business that allowed them to create a more balanced lifestyle with a flexible schedule so they could spend more time with their family and take care of their physical, emotional and mental health and wellbeing.

Millions Make the Choice to Align Their Work with Their Priorities, Values & Goals

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