The Power of Emotion by Frank Bolella Article and Video Article

Emotion is a powerful force that can make us or break us. Our emotions can make us big or small. They can make a man or a woman great or little. When harnessed emotion can move us continuously towards our dreams and goals. When left unchecked they can ruin us physically, psychologically and spiritually.

Emotion is the gas that fuels the engine.
It’s the flame that heats the kettle.
It’s the MO that creates motion.
It’s the A that causes action.
It’s the source that creates the force.

Jesus said, “Blessed are the meek for they shall inherit the earth.”

When I first read this verse in the Bible I thought how could the meek inherit the world. I associated meekness with weakness. I thought to be meek was to be passive, apathetic, and cowardly. Meek people, I thought, were milk toasts, fence sitters, and mealy mouths. That’s how I viewed what it was to be meek. Then I began to study the actual word that Jesus used that’s translated into the English work meek. The Greek word “praus” means to have self-control over ones emotions, mind and body. It is a word that describes a person who has a level of self-mastery. They are someone who instead of being mastered by their body, thoughts and emotions is mastering them. It is a word that was used in Jesus time for a charioteer who is driving a chariot. He is controlling three strong powerful stallions. He steers them, drives them and make them go where he wants them to go.

The meek person is the man or woman who is controlling their emotions, thoughts and body. They master their emotions harnessing their power to carry them towards their desired objectives and goals.

The meek person masters their emotions and creates positive and empowering emotional states that they utilize to create the life of their desires.

When you consider that the majority of human beings on this planet are controlled by their emotions instead of controlling them you can see why so few are succeeding. Some studies claim that as few as 5% of all people feel that they can control and master their mental and emotional states. Most people allow their emotions to control them. Fear, worry, anxiety, anger, grief, are left unchecked and uncontrolled. Most people ride the emotional roller coaster throughout their lives. When something good happens to them they feel good. When something bad happens to them they feel bad. They are up and down riding the emotional rollercoaster of life.

One of the greatest discoveries of my life that has led me to happiness, success and wealth (and there have been a handful) was my discovery that I could get off of the emotional roller coaster and begin to master my emotions. I discovered that I had the God given power to control my stallions instead of them controlling me. I learned that I could begin to harness the power of these strong forces that we call emotions and use them to create the life that I dreamed.

Instead of my emotions being allowed to run wild I learned to not only master them but to create empowering emotional states like confidence, faith, love, courage, and peace.

In the next few paragraphs I will give you a few basic techniques that you can begin to put into practice to create empowering emotional states. Let me say that the key is practice. Most people throughout their lives do a good job practicing disempowering emotions. They’re really good practicing being afraid, unconfident, unhappy, angry and chaotic.

So practicing creating empowering emotional states is the key to succeeding.

If you want to win the game you’re in you have to win the game between your ears and in your heart.

Technique #1: Your thoughts will always produce a corresponding emotional response. Close your eyes for a second and just for a second think of something that disappointed you in the past month. Just make it a second; we don’t want to create a disempowering emotional state. So how did you feel thinking that negative thought? I know the answer because I’ve done this exercise with groups of over a thousand in seminars and with individuals. You felt bad. You felt disempowered.

Now close your eyes and think of something that made you feel great. Make it clear in your mind. See it, hear it, feel it, taste it if you can and smell it. How did it make you feel? It made you feel good you created an empowering emotional state by thinking empowering thoughts.

We all watch Hollywood movies, right. The writers, actors and producers make us laugh and cry. They make us angry and courageous. They literally create our emotional states and they’re doing it with a movie that’s not real! It’s a fake. Star Wars never happened! Gladiator was not reality! But our minds can’t tell the difference between real and unreal. The movie projected onto a screen accompanied by the music creates powerful emotions in us.

Well every one of us has the same power to create our own mental movies. We can create ones that empower us or disempower us. A number of years ago I began to choose thoughts, ideas, outcomes that empowered me instead of ones that disempower me. Amazingly I began to experience powerful life giving emotions of peace, joy, confidence and love.

We all have the power to create empowering thoughts that produce corresponding emotions. Listen, you’re going to think all day anyway. Why not start practicing empowering thinking, start thinking exciting thoughts instead of little, disempowering, apathetic one’s. Start thinking about how you would like your life to be instead of how you don’t want it to be.

Technique #2: It’s not what happens to you it’s the meaning you give to it.

In the book of Romans in the Bible it says,

And we know that all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are the called according to His purpose. Romans 8:28

This is a principle that changed my life. Instead of interpreting life’s events as good or bad I began to look at every event as an opportunity for God to use for my good to grow me and empower me, to maximize the potential He has given me. The things that I interpreted as failures become opportunities for success. Set backs become opportunities for advancement. Rejection becomes an opportunity for improvement. Challenges become opportunities for growth. As I look back over my life I now clearly see with hindsight that things that I first saw as bad for me were actually good for me.

One poet put it this way: “Two men looked through a prison window ones saw bars the other saw stars.” What made the difference? It was their perception. The way they interpreted their experience. The meaning they attached to them.

We all have the power to either see the cup half empty or half full. Those who choose to see the cup half full will live with empowered emotion that will fuel their success.

Technique #3: Master your physiology.

When we think empowering thoughts we create empowering emotions. We call this a Psychological physical loop. The empowering thoughts translate into a physical emotional reaction. For instance if you think a happy though what happens to your face? Right, you smile. You also will find that a happy thought makes you talk louder and faster. It will also make you stand more upright.

So let’s reverse this principle and see how the physical-psychological loop works. You can create empowering emotional states and master your emotions by mastering your face, your speech, and your posture. When you smile you send a message to your brain that you’re happy and your brain creates happy emotions. When you walk upright with your shoulders back and head up you send a message to your brain that you’re confident and it will produces confident emotions. When you speak powerfully and passionately you send a message to your brain that you feel that way and your brain will produce powerful and passionate emotions. By mastering your physiology you can create positive emotions.

We don’t need to live like emotional victims at the mercy of circumstances. We all have the God given power to master our emotional states and create empowering ones. You can get off the emotional rollercoaster and begin to control your stallions.

Love, confidence, peace and joy can become the norm in your everyday life. You can live everyday energized and confident. You can begin to win the game between your ears and the game your playing in life. Win the inner game and you will win the outer game.

 The Power of Emotion by Frank Bolella


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