The Power of Emotion by Jeanette S. Lopez

In the world of Network Marketing, your income reflects how well you can inspire someone with your unique story as to How and What you do for a living.

A professional, in any business, must understand that there is a skilled sense of timing based on intuition, as to when and how we share with a prospect the emotional side of WHY we do what we do.

As Leaders in this industry, we must remember that not everyone is prepared for the emotional rollercoaster of owning a business. We must also be empathetic to the fact that not everyone understands the “roll” that emotions can play in their new business.

Leadership in any industry begins by demonstrating the importance of learning how to simply tap into our emotions after a disappointment. Teach them to ride that “emotional rollercoaster” with transparent sharing along the way.

The world of Network Marketing is a haven for any entrepreneurial spirit who has a desire to change their current situation. It is a professional world that has no standard “dress code”; there is no one to report “hours” to, and your educational background is not even taken into consideration.

It is very easy to walk into the world of Direct Selling within the Network Marketing dimension of professionalism as a complete novice and walk out a few years later as a six-figure income earning Super Star!

With that being said, most Super Stars do not reach stardom overnight; and many who do reach this pinnacle of success, find out quickly how difficult it is to keep the status if they are not emotionally balanced.

Leaders must develop and/or possess a high “EQ” (Emotional Quotient).

Those that do not keep their organization emotionally connected to the cause or most importantly, to their own individual “WHY’S”, lose big. They lose their “Stardom status”, the Income earned, sometimes their Reputation. It can all become merely a fleeting moment of acknowledgment and popularity if personal development is not a daily practice. Becoming a part of is always a good idea to stay connected to other like minds that can mentor a novice through the struggles…

If you are new to Network Marketing, you will notice that the acknowledged leaders in the group are the ones that are most approachable. They are the ones who will stand in front of the room and share their intimate personal story of how they hit rock bottom before realizing that there was a better way to create an income.

As a female Leader in a profession that allows you to discover your strongest passion, my own observation has been that females find it very easy to share their story socially with transparent emotion and as a result do very well in this industry.

The men who are successful as Professional Network Marketers are the ones that realize the importance of transparency in sharing their weaknesses as well as their strengths. “Faking it until you Make it” never works out and some guys find this out awkwardly. The leaders who remain genuinely humble are the ones that always will attract leaders of both genders as they relate to the personal story that has been shared.

As women, we are known to be emotional; however, we are not expected to get emotional on any level at a job or in a corporate position. I have had to personally learn that leadership rules applied in corporate management do not include “emotional judgments.”

As a Network Marketer, the rules are easier to follow and anyone who can stay in touch empathetically within their organization, wins!

Trump became the Famous Business Mogul with a reality show because he knew how to tap into the Power of Emotions. January 2017 has marked an epic moment in history where the quintessential entrepreneur with no real experience in governmental policies reached his goal as The President of the United States. America got to witness how anyone can make a very large and unimaginable dream come to fruition with just pure emotional motivation.

Those who scoffed at Trump’s grandiose idea of becoming President just fueled his emotions to incendiary levels, until he achieved the goal by simply using his expertise as the highly influential entrepreneur that we know him to be.

Professional Network Marketers who inspire others into their organizations should ALWAYS prepare the Novice for the “Negative Nellies” who will try to kill the dream simply because they could not imagine themselves as successful business owners too.

The Power of a Personal Emotional “Why” is the Fuel that will keep anyone focused in building on their dream in spite of the ones who will scoff at their vision.

The steps that Trump used to reach his goal as the 45th President of the United States are those that can be followed by any entrepreneur with a visionary dream. First, Trump created the “Vision” in his spirit and shared it boldly to the world in June of 2015 with his Presidential Candidacy announcement. Sharing your vision with the people that you are aspiring to Inspire gives them the opportunity to develop their own personal story based on YOUR vision.

Secondly, Trump’s campaign strategy was to simply create public controversy. It was a brilliant way to create a personal story in history as the prominent businessman who successfully won an election fueled by radical promises that are not considered politically correct. Let’s keep in mind that not everyone can pull off a public controversy nor should we want to; however, every personal story can be marked as historical. So what’s YOUR story?

In conclusion, Trump defined the perfect example of how manipulating the Power of Emotions can create a cohesive group of like minds all working toward the suggested goal. He now resides in the White House as a result to tapping into the raw emotions of the people in America. The new entrepreneur should begin to develop a personal style of sharing their “WHY” at the “grand opening” of their business as a Professional Network Marketer.

This Powerful and Emotional “WHY” will help him/her connect with others that have similar “WHY’s” to start with.

Of course, as the entrepreneur becomes a leader, their “WHY” will evolve. As a result of this visionary evolution, they will attract stronger leaders that reflect their growth as well as connect according to their stronger and larger vision.

It did not matter what political party you sided with; love him or hate him, there was no denying that the Power of Emotions in the elections of 2016 worked for the new President, Donald J. Trump. The Network Marketer who learns the Power of Emotional sharing will also have a business marked as a Historical Achievement.

 The Power of Emotion by Jeanette S. Lopez



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