The Power of Mindset by Eva Novosedlikova

You become what you think about. A sentence said and heard by many, but do we really believe it?

I spent the last couple of years thinking about how I think and what I think. It started innocently watching Proctor-Gallagher’s advertisements for their programs when something in me screamed that this was the way to go. I signed up for “Thinking Into Results” and wow, what a ride; the start of a road that has no end.

For example, just realizing that everything in our life is a result of our thinking, not circumstances, events, or other people. Thanks to a radical change in my thinking and mindset, a new possibility for achieving success, love, and money has now been created. 

I now see things like Network Marketing as a possibility for me, whereas in the past it was something I was not even aware of. Everybody in my family and the people surrounding me have always had a job, not their own company. They were looking to find work, not an opportunity.  

Question: Why not look at things that we do with the mentality that success is guaranteed?

When there is work to be done, it might not always be easy, but when you see it as already completed, it becomes a sure thing!

As Hellen Keller once famously said:

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