The power of the 3 year question By Kyle Wilson

The power of the 3 year question

A common exercise I often do (and take coaching clients and Inner Circle members through) is a very powerful centering question:

“Who do you want to be in 3 years and what do you want to be known and/or famous for?”

I truly believe everyone has unique giftings and the potential to be world-class in specific areas of their lives. But it requires clarity, focus and commitment.

Answering the 3 year question helps us do 4 powerful things:

1. It helps you get clear on what you should and should not do and what to focus on.

This is huge. Being clear on who you are wanting to become and what you want to be known for impacts everything, from your daily to do list, to the books and seminars you decide to invest in, to the people and mentors you choose to get around.

2. It helps you get from point A to point B when we are not sure what the big picture is.

You may not know what you want to be doing in 5-10-20 years from now, but if you can get clear on a 3 year goal, that can be the stepping stone to what’s next. An example of this is, years ago I used to dream, visualize and desire going from getting 200-300 paid attendees in a seminar room to getting 2000-2500 people. I wanted to create a massive platform to connect speakers like Jim Rohn, Og Mandino and Brian Tracy with an audience that would greatly benefit from their wisdom!

With that clarity, focus and commitment I eventually was able to achieve that goal. And being able to successfully fill large event rooms THEN led me to making Jim Rohn an offer to launch Jim Rohn Int.

In other words, once I hit my goal of 2500 people, the equation changed. New opportunities presented themselves. I then shifted to a whole new path. Learning to create products, publishing books, being an agent, becoming an online marketer, etc. But it began with that 3 year centering question of how do I get 2500 people in a room and then with clarity, focus and commitment to go after that goal.

3. It helps you overcome resistance.

Recently I was fighting off being sick. Well, with a packed schedule, launching a new podcast and an event coming up the next weekend, I knew regardless I had many must to do’s on my list. My current 3 year vision was pulling me! So I stepped back and decided that I would do my best to tap into the top 10% of my desire, goals and passion and in spite of not feeling great I would make things happen.

And I have. Being able to tap into the passion of your 3 year goal is a powerful tool you can leverage when hitting resistance.

4. It helps you make sure you are playing for the right things.

Nothing worse than paying a big price for something you really don’t even want! The 3 year question helps clarify that your goals are worthy of the price you will be paying.

When you look at an athlete or that single mom or person fighting a major challenge and they push past all the adversity, it’s because they have that big enough why.

The answer to your 3 year centering question needs to inspire you, challenge you and pull you.

And its okay to not be 100% clear on what that answer is. If you keep asking the question often enough you will find the answer will always soon present itself.

You got this! Kyle

Kyle Wilson
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