The Power of Your Why in this Reset By John Hackett Ed.D.

The Power of Your Why in this Reset; When  You Know Your Why You Know Your Way

“If you survive the pandemic, you will be either better or worse; you will not be the same.”   Pope Francis

Welcome to Fall. No matter where you live, the seasons are changing some more dramatically than in other areas., Here in the Midwest, we see cooler temps, shorter days, and changing colors with our trees and bushes. There is also a time of anticipating and looking forward to a hopeful return to family celebrations postponed during the past 18 months. 

This is also the start of a new business quarter. No matter how your particular company designates its fiscal year, it is a new start. These reoccurring changes are happening against the backdrop of a world experiencing rapid uncertain change due to the effects of Covid -19 and its variants.

This is a perfect time to first stop, take a breath, and reflect and ask what my Why is?

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John Hackett
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