What is a powerful presentation? A presentation that is positive and memorable. How do you accomplish these two outcomes? No matter what the product or service, a positive and memorable presentation includes the following:


 Involve the guests. Do not lecture them. Do not stand up in front and ramble on about the product and services. Instead ask questions. Have them on their feet demonstrating what it is you are selling, depending what that is. Have them assisting you, passing around samples, etc. The more engaged, the more connected to the product they will be, and less likely to become bored.

Leave them feeling better than when they arrived

What challenges can you help solve whether it be financial (business opportunity), wanting to own the product but not able to spend money (host an event for their friends), or learning the benefits of what you sell and be excited and happy as to how it will help them or enhance their life.

Keep your presentation light, fun, and include humor if possible.

Also, begin and end on time. This leaves people feeling respected. If someone has made the effort to arrive at the time stated, I do not ask them to wait a long period of time for the other guests to arrive. I will ask them if they mind waiting 5-10 minutes and will, but only with their permission. I ask the hostess to tell her guests there will be an on time drawing. All people that are in the door by the stated time get a raffle ticket. Before beginning the presentation, I draw a winner to receive a prize. The prize could be a small product or even some small gift ideas gathered inexpensively, displayed in a basket. The hostess and you appreciate starting on time so the whole event does not get too late.

Connect with each guest

In addition to leaving them excited they came and now know you and your product, I recommend taking time as they arrive to introduce yourself and find out a little about them and how they know the host. Also, using name tags and using their name over and over makes them feel like they matter. When a guest feels that you sincerely care about and appreciate her, she will remember you.

People first buy into YOU before buying into your product or services. Establishing a connection leads to trust, which leads to an open mind about what you are offering. It leads to a positive win-win experience that is remembered and talked about after the event ends. The guests have a positive experience, the host is glad she invited you, and your business has now grown and will continue to grow.


The Powerful Presentation


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