The Prospects Journey by Deborah Neary

Deborah Neary

Remember when you were someone’s prospect?

If you have ever been ‘targeted’ as a good prospect by a friend or even a complete stranger you may have had a really warm and cozy feeling about the way they approached you from the very first moment. 

What? Did I hear you think yeah right….NOT!

Most of us have had some pretty obnoxious experiences in that department. The worst ones appear out of the blue as a link with a business opportunity attached saying something like “Hay girlfriend ????I was thinking of you???? and think you’d be really great on my team????????❤️ !!!!’  You know this was sent to hundreds of people. 

My immediate knee-jerk reaction is a “skeevy” feeling you’ve all experienced.

Then, immediately I want to do the offender a favor and let them know that there’s a better way to go about acknowledging someone as a prospect. I usually make a note and move on.

It may be useful to think about what is interesting about an opportunity and then operate from that perspective. How would you like to be prospected?

My personal journey went from feeling the need for change and realizing the timing was perfect for me. If it had been a year earlier the opportunity may have fallen on deaf ears and a year later, it may have been too late because I was already busy doing something else. 

Let’s just say I was open and searching for something new and something that could really help me with my condition and perhaps be a solution for my cash flow, as well.

Essentially it was my idea and I did not feel pressured to make a decision to order the product. I will admit I was nervous and wanted to change my mind a few times, but in the end, I needed a change and I trusted that my sponsor had my best interests at heart. 

Before I even tried the products I saw an opportunity for residual income.

A home-based business with a really amazing and unique line and again I made the decision to go ahead and become a Brand Partner and joined a friend in the business. It was my idea and my wish to make a change in my life and I was tired of working odd jobs trying to make ends meet. 

My journey as a prospect goes like this:

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Deborah Neary
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