The Publisher’s Final Word: 3 Incredible Points About Baby Boomers In Network Marketing. By George Madiou

3 Incredible Points About Baby Boomers In Network Marketing.

by George Madiou

George-MadiouI must admit that I have a real sweet spot in my heart for baby boomers.  It might be because I am one of them.  I experienced all of the economic, social and incredible world changes at every stage of the baby boomer spectrum.  My involvement in the network marketing industry, gives me a unique opinion about the involvement of baby boomers in network marketing.  I can see three incredible points to observe about baby boomers in network marketing.


A new chapter in the lives of the Boomers.


Baby boomers are at a point in their life, that they are very open to the next phase or chapter that lies ahead of them.  Most of the boomers are finished or about to be finished with the stage of putting their children through college (with all of the expenses that come with education.)  Many of them have watched their savings and 401K take a hit, loosing more money that they anticipated.  Some of them are at the end of a career and they are looking for the next move, because they feel too young to start sitting in a rocking chair.

Many of the boomers are realizing that there is far more years ahead of them, more years than money!

This is the reason the baby boomers are in the “Looking Zone.”  They are more open now to look at and willing to explore new opportunities that they ever were before.  It is the perfect time for existing network marketing boomers and millennials to explore this huge new group of people (perhaps up to 90% of the boomer population) who have never even heard of network marketing. Start looking for them now!


Boomers are open to learning a new Fast track to success


The place that the baby boomers are at in their life, is a place of experience and they have a keen sense of observation that comes from years of being in the work and family world.  This is the reason why the millennials should look to the boomer group, both experienced and brand new prospective baby boomers.  You have a skill set that boomers don’t have in leveraging the technology of today, especially when it comes to social media.  You millennials have an incredible opportunity ahead of you if you go after the boomers and both teach and learn……


Baby boomers KNOW relationship building!


One of the strongest skill sets the baby boomers have is relationship building.  This is an area that the millennials should seek to learn from the boomers.  When this is learned well, and applied with the skill set, of the leverage of social media, you will see millennials in network marketing become the most successful group in their generation.


Never count out the Baby Boomers to your pathway to success!




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