The secret to closing more sales is to talk to more of the right people. Texting is talking. By Max Steingart

The secret to closing more sales is to talk to more of the right people. Texting is talking.

It’s critically important to know, exactly where the person you’re talking to is coming from before you talk to them in detail about your business.

  • Who are they?

  • What do they do?

  • What’s important to them?

  • What do they want?

  • Why do they want it?

  • What don’t they want?

  • What are their problems?

  • Do they want to change their status quo?

  • Are they ready to make a change?

  • Are they open to hearing about what you have to offer?

When you identify a person’s need or problem, you can introduce your solution and know precisely what to say that would interest them and overcome their existing objections.

If you know the answers to the questions before you start talking to people about your business, you’ll talk to fewer people about it.

And yet, you’ll close more sales in less time.

It’s not about you persuading someone. It’s about people needing what you have and persuading themselves.
“When you find their pain. You can be their aspirin.“ – KG

Their answers to you remind them about their problems and the current situation. As they talk about themselves, they realize that they want to change.

No one likes to be “sold” to. And that goes for all the people on Facebook and LinkedIn.

When talking to your prospects simply discover if they have a problem that you have a solution for.

People buy from people they know, people they like and people they TRUST.

The key to Attraction Marketing is to build a positive and trusting connection with your IDEAL prospects before you talk about your business.

During a conversation with your prospects, asking questions will determine their level of interest or specific needs.

And if they have a problem you can help them solve… You’re golden.

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