The Secrets Behind Goals by Stacey Hall

My personal secret for achieving my goals is to remember that goals grow organically….

Like a rose bush, a tomato plant, or a lemon tree. They all go through 4 stages of life: Seeding, Sprouting, Blooming, and Resting.

When I identify what stage of the cycle each of my goals is in, I can schedule the most appropriate and effective activities for that specific stage.

During the Seeding stage, I remind myself to expect that it is going to take a while to see any results from my efforts. 

Concentrated energy focused on the goal is required daily with no guarantee that I will achieve the intended result. It is usually in this stage that I make sure I get ‘gardening tips’ from experts in achieving the goals I want to achieve, too. I take classes, hire a mentor, and participate in Masterminding groups as the most effective activities for this stage of business growth.

Without remembering I am in the Seeding stage, I could become very frustrated and disappointed and then stop doing the required activities before reaching the Sprouting stage.

I know my goal is in the Sprouting stage when I begin to produce tangible results from my activities…

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Stacey Hall
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