It is no secret that the “Secret” to success in any area of life requires setting and achieving goals.

When I joined this industry 25 years ago, one of the first things I heard was how this industry can help you create the lifestyle of your dreams. What I didn’t hear about was how to set the goals to achieve those dreams!

Thankfully, I was raised to be goal-oriented and driven to achieve my goals. However, I know that many people find the setting and achieving goals a challenge, especially when transitioning from a job to entrepreneurship.

That is one of the reasons I became a Certified Dream Coach®, so I could learn the mindsets, skillsets, and toolsets to help people achieve their goals and dreams – and do it more quickly and easily!

Most people can quickly and easily give you a list of what they DON’T want, but they often have trouble telling you what they DO want. The simplest way to help someone discover what they DO want, is to simply reverse engineer the DON’T WANT list by asking the question: “Then what DO you want?”

I believe the “Secret” to setting and achieving goals is really 3 Secrets:

1> To Determine What Goals & Dreams You TRULY Desire to Achieve

2> To Have Powerful Motivating Reasons Behind Your Goals & Dreams – Your “WHY”

3> To Create a Plan of Action & Accountability that Builds Belief that it is Possible to Achieve Your Goals & Dreams


★SECRET #1 QUESTION = WHAT Goals Do You Truly Want to Achieve?

★SECRET #2 QUESTION = WHY Do You Want to Achieve Them?

★SECRET #3 QUESTION = HOW Will You Achieve Them?

SECRET #1 QUESTION = WHAT Goals Do You Truly Want to Achieve?

Discovering what you truly desire is the beginning of setting and achieving your goals and dreams. Too many people are stuck with goals they once had or goals that others have set for them. In order to achieve your goals and dreams, they must excite you and ignite a passion inside you so you will be naturally motivated and empowered to do what it takes to achieve those goals and dreams!

★A Dream Board is a Powerful Tool to Help You Visualize & Achieve Your Dreams★

The more clearly you can define your desired goals and dreams, the more likely you are to achieve them. That is why Dream Boards, aka Vision Boards, are such powerful tools to help people visualize their goals and dreams. While some dismiss their power, it has been proven that when someone visualizes their goals and visualizes achieving their goals, they are much more likely to achieve them – and achieve them more quickly and easily!

SECRET #2 QUESTION = WHY Do You Want to Achieve Them?

A wise coach and mentor once told me that you have to know the WHY before you learn the HOW! Your WHY is one of the most powerful secrets to success. It is a powerful inner emotional and mental driving force that will keep you on the path to achieving your goals and dreams!

★When You Feel Like Quitting, Remember WHY You Started in the First Place★

When you face challenges and obstacles along the way, and you will, your WHY is what will keep your passion burning and keep you motivated and empowered to keep moving toward your goals and dreams! If you look at people who have given up on their goals and dreams, it is most often because they did not have a powerful WHY to keep them going!

In order for this process to work, it is important to drill down deep to really discover and uncover what you truly desire and why you desire it. Most people will answer the first question about what they desire with a specific amount of money they want to make – like $10,000 a month – and many team leaders will stop there and show them the plan to make $10,000 a month in their business.

Instead of working on the plan to $10,000 a month, it is critical to stop and ask a deeper question: “How will your life and lifestyle change if you make $10,000 a month?” Without asking the question, a critical piece of the puzzle is missing – the underlying emotional reasons you want to make that amount of money…or your reasons “WHY.”

“Find a WHY that Makes You CRY!”

You will often hear people say: “Find a WHY that Makes You CRY!” In other words, find a WHY that is SO powerful, it evokes a deep emotional response. The deeper the emotional response, the more powerful the motivation.

The only way to go deeper is to ask deeper questions! One simple way to drill deeper is to keep asking “WHY” so you can add “So that…” You can do this process on your own or with a partner. Going through the process with a partner is often more beneficial as they may have additional insights and ideas to help you keep digging deeper.

Here is a Role-Playing Question Example:

Member:    I want to make $10,000 a month!

Leader:       WHY do you want to make $10,000 a month?

Member:    So that…I can retire my husband!

Leader:       WHY do you want to retire your husband?

Member:    So that…He is no longer overworked and exhausted when he comes home!

Leader:       WHY is that so important to you?

Member:    So that…He can spend more quality time with me and the family!

Leader:       WHY is that important to you – how will that improve YOUR life?

Member:    So that…I will have help around the house and with the children!

Leader:       WHY is that important to you – how will you spend your extra time?

Member:    So that…We can spend more time having fun together as a family!

Leader:       WHY is that important to you – how will you have fun together as a family?

Member:    So that…We can enjoy family vacations that we could never afford before.

Leader:       How else will your life and lifestyle change if you make $10,000 a month?

Member:    [Start the Next Goals & Dreams Sequence]

This is a simple, yet powerful strategy to discover your goals and dreams to help you create a vision of your life and lifestyle when you achieve your goals and dreams!

SECRET #3 QUESTION = HOW Will You Achieve Them?

Once you know WHAT you truly desire and you know WHY you desire it, Secret #3 is to determine HOW you will achieve your goals and dreams.

★A Dream is Just a Wish Until You Take Action to Make Your Dream Come True★

This secret is really a multi-faceted secret since it requires certain success skillsets, mindsets, and toolsets.

  • Skillsets = Sales/Marketing/Communication Skills
  • Toolsets = Goal Planner/Tracker + Accountability Partner
  • Mindsets = Belief & Accountability Mindset Resources

Skillsets = Sales, Marketing & Communication Skills: Most companies and team leaders provide systems, tools, and resources to help members achieve success in their company. The really smart companies and leaders, provide strategic turnkey systems, tools, and resources that simplify, streamline and automate the skillsets needed as much as possible to minimize the learning curve and shorten the path to get started and achieve success! 

Toolsets = Goal Planner/Tracker + Accountability Partner: The fastest easiest way to reach your destination is to create a plan of action. The easiest way to keep you on track to your destination is a tracking and accountability system. Many companies and team leaders provide tracking and accountability systems. If they are not provided, you can find them everywhere online.

★The Entrepreneur Who Fails to Plan…Plans to Fail★

Even with these powerful tools, many people find it challenging to be accountable and self-disciplined enough to take the action steps needed to achieve their goals and dreams. This is especially true if they have been at a job that forces them to meet their goals or get fired! Entrepreneurs usually have no one holding them accountable to take the actions needed to accomplish their goals. They end up wasting weeks, months, and even years procrastinating and never achieving their goals and dreams.

★A Culture of Accountability Makes a Good Team Great & A Great Team UNSTOPPABLE★ ~Henry Evans

One of the greatest benefits of entrepreneurship is the freedom to work YOUR BIZ YOUR WAY. It is also one of the downfalls if you are not self-disciplined and self-motivated to achieve your goals and dreams!

That is why an accountability partner is such a powerful resource. It is the reason even the most successful entrepreneurs have coaches and mentors. It is also the reason coaches and mentors have coaches and mentors.

Many people will often strive harder to meet the expectations of others and keep the commitments they make to others. Accountability is not a sign of weakness or laziness – it is a powerful tool many successful entrepreneurs use to keep them in the game and motivate them to constantly up their game.

★To Help Make Achieving Goals Faster & Easier… Plan, Track & Achieve Your Goals on a Daily Basis★

Procrastination is one of the most powerful forces that prevent people from achieving their goals. That is why the most powerful accountability is done on a DAILY basis. Otherwise, you find yourself at the end of the week or month, with little or no time left to achieve your goals. Not to mention the emotional impact of the stress that continues to overwhelm you as you near your deadline, knowing that you have not taken any action to achieve your goal. An accountability partner can help you avoid it all!

Mindsets = Belief & Accountability Mindset Resources: Mindset is most often where entrepreneurs get stuck or stop altogether. If you are in the industry, you will recognize this scenario. Someone joins your team and they are so excited! They share their goals and dreams and you share the plan to get them to their destination and then they suddenly disappear without explanation and stop returning your calls. What happened?

★Your Self-Talk – What You Say When You Talk to Yourself – is Powerful Enough to Stop You from Achieving Your Goals & Dreams★

Most likely, FEAR and DOUBT set in and that overshadowed their BELIEF that they could really achieve their goals and dreams. That fear and doubt can come from within from their own “self-talk” or it can be triggered by others. Either way, the result is the same – they allow fear and doubt to make them give up on their goals and dreams!

★Never Let Your Thoughts Talk You Out of Your Dreams★ ~Sean Murphy

Every entrepreneur must truly BELIEVE it is possible to achieve their goals and dreams, not just HOPE they can. HOPE is not a strategy! One of my wise mentors taught me long ago to “Never let your thoughts talk you out of your dreams!” The hard truth is that WE are the ONLY thing preventing us from achieving our goals and dreams! The great news is, WE can change our self-talk and WE can change our beliefs!

★Your BELIEF in Your Success Determines Your Level of SUCCESS★

That is the reason you see so much coaching and training focused on the subject of BELIEF. Most successful people know that BELIEF is critical to achieving goals and dreams. After all, if someone doesn’t believe it is possible to achieve their goals and dreams, then why try at all?

There are many resources that can help you achieve a more positive mindset and boost your BELIEF to help you achieve your goals and dreams more quickly and easily. One of the resources I use and highly recommend is the book: “What to Say When You Talk to Yourself” by Shad Helmstetter, along with his monthly Self-Talk Membership of Self-Talk recordings.

I realized years ago that mindset and negative self-talk is the #1 challenge that prevents people from achieving their goals and dreams in any area of life. So, I created a mindset coaching program: “Be Happy Healthy Wealthy Now: Create the Life of Your Dreams in 90 Days” to help people achieve their goals and dreams more quickly and easily.

Keep dreaming, keep believing and keep achieving your goals and dreams! If you can dream it, you can achieve it!



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