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Art MeakinI am going to cut to the chase with this particular truth…

You are a Leader… that’s right… I am talking to YOU!!!

Yes… YOU are a Leader… and so is everyone else.


Most people are when I tell them what I just told you.

And that’s because we are all so programmed to think less of ourselves than what and who we really are.

The only thing that can make you not be a Leader is you thinking or saying you are not
a Leader.

But even then you are still a Leader even if you think you are not.

Everyone is a Leader.

It is a shocking truth.

I’ve known this for a long time… but I haven’t written about it until now.


Because it wasn’t until recently that it became appropriate for me to actually share it and explain it.

What happened recently to cause me to write about this? Read on…

Before I get into the seriousness of this or the factual nature of my assertion… just let me point this out to you… I am a geek, a physicist of sorts, and a guy who thinks and believes the glass is always full of something even if there is nothing in the glass… it is full of nothing. Hmmm.

So maybe you will get a little of the way I think and wrap your head around this idea that…

Everyone is a Leader.

There is NO WAY that you or anyone else can be anything other than a Leader.

This is not dissimilar to temperature… there really is no such thing as HOT or COLD except as we define it.

With temperature there are ONLY degrees.

With Leadership there really are only degrees of it !!!!

Isn’t that cool (pardon the pun)??

Now… the real question is what is Leadership or what is being a Leader???

Basically… leadership or being a leader comes down to our ability to influence others (for good or bad, right or wrong, left or right, etc.)… and some of us are better at that than others… correct?? Yep.


Our ability to influence and the intensity at which we influence can determine our success in network marketing.

Anyone, and I mean anyone can do network marketing… we are all doing it everyday anyway (everyone is influencing others all the time)… the problem is most of us are not getting paid for it. But once we get involved with a networking company we can now get paid for our influence.

There’s a lot more I could say on this subject. But please just keep in mind… as a Leader, which you are and always have been and always will be, you can influence others to a lesser or greater degree and the choice to do that is your’s and your’s alone. And that choice is so very very simple to make and act upon.

Always remember that success, that everything in life… is a state-of-mind… and you have full control over that state.

Until next time…

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