The Social Media Explosion by Rick Hannon

The Social Media Explosion

Twenty five years ago, when I started with my current network marketing company, I had no Internet and certainly no social media to introduce my program, products or opportunity through. We made names lists and picked up the phone to book live appointments. I had to drive to the appointment place and bring along my promotional materials to view our business opportunity and product line. We would rent a hotel meeting room and invite guests to evaluate our business model. There were no webinars to help us expand our businesses from the comfort of home. We had the expense of writing advertisements just so perfectly to attract the reader to call.  After that, and choosing just the right place for placing the add, spending hundreds of dollars, we would hope to getting a few return calls and maybe one apportionment to “show the plan”.

I almost can’t believe how far technology has come in 25 years; my son was only a year old.  Now, when I get confused with an iPhone app I text him, do a FaceTime, or a video chat.

Today I spend less time traveling to meetings and more time doing webinars from home on my PC. 

I am able to reach hundreds of people at a time from the comfort of my soft tall black leather chair in my office. I’m now spending a good part of my day on social media from LinkedIn to Facebook to Twitter to Google+ and then to Pinterest and several other media platforms.  I can do a talk and have it recorded to email on to people who couldn’t make the training.

I can now promote product on Facebook and have potentially thousands of people view it.  I can write a blog on a topic and post it on LinkedIn for people to see for weeks on end.  Social media is becoming an integral part of life online as social websites and applications proliferate. In business, social media is used to market products, promote brands, and connect to current customers and foster new business. From the customer’s perspective, social media makes it easy to tell a company and everyone else about their experiences with that company or their products, whether those experiences are good or bad.  This market is exploding and moving faster than we can even keep up.

Social media can help an entrepreneur launch a business venture without spending any funds to build and expand in a fraction of the time it took us baby boomers 25 years ago. We can now expand globally and not leave our home to build a solid residual income stream with thousands of distributors worldwide we have never even met. If you do decide to go visit that country, you might just have a huge audience of people that you have never met waiting eagerly to greet and learn from you.   You may find dinner invitations to meet in restaurants or to backyard BBQ’s with people excited to meet and hear your words of wisdom. You can walk into a room filled with people standing and applauding your appearance that you can’t wait to learn from you and hang on every word.

Let’s look at the social media numbers:

There are now over 1.9 billion monthly Facebook users worldwide.  However over 2.5 billion with Google+ enabled accounts, which would make it the largest social network in the world. There are over 550 million registered twitter users sending 500 million Tweets a day!  Let’s look at Instagram statistics, over 700 million active users.

I could go on about the numbers and users on social media, but I know you get the point. “If you want to build a giant network go where the people are already networking” Please read my wife Cindy’s article for suggestions on how to communicate which is also in this issue.  Do what you can to learn how to approach these massive social media platforms. Let us all learn how to expand our global network together!


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