The Top 8-Ways To Improve Your Social Media Presence by Carol A. Briney

The Top 8-Ways To Improve Your Social Media Presence by Carol A. Briney


  1. What You Put Out There Cannot Be Taken Back.

First and foremost, when considering any social media always remember that what you post cannot be taken back.  Even if you delete it, somewhere in Internet land, it can still be found.  A good rule of thumb here is if you do not want your mom, grandma, or spiritual leader to read it, do not post it.

  1. Guard against posting negative thoughts and happenings in your life.

“Do you have the welcome mat out or the beware of the dog sign?”

Are you someone who is constantly telling people how hard things are and then in the next sentence asking them to join your awesome business?  If you are choosing to use social media to grow your business and attract new people, it does not help you to post all the things that are not working in your life and what is going wrong.  Be aware of how what you post is perceived by others. People want to follow and join happy, joyful, positive people.  They are not interested in joining negative people.

  1. Post Positive, Uplifting, Encouraging or Funny Posts.

If it is your goal to attract positive, uplifting, fun people into your business be sure to avoid jumping on other people’s negative posts and adding to the drama or fear.  It can be so easy to join in with others and start complaining about this and that, however, your taking part in the negativity does not help you to attract the people that you want in your business. You might be thinking that it is good to show others that you are sympathetic to their cause, or that you agree with their views. But this will hurt you more than help. In fact, you cannot get sick enough, unhappy enough, broke enough, or angry enough to help anyone.  What you can do to help is to learn to find the good in everything.

Look for the lessons to learn in the challenges and let people see that you live your life by example and not just by words.

  1. Don’t Bash Other Peoples Companies.

Just because you don’t like a company or you have challenges with a company it is not going to help you no matter how altruistic your reasons are.   People do not want to feel stupid for choosing a company.  The more negative things that you say, the more people will dig their heels in and defend their choice.  The important thing to do here is to show how great your company and products are by how you live. Show by example.  Remember what mama used to tell you, “If you can’t say something nice don’t say anything at all.”

  1. Don’t Over Sell Your Company Or Products.

No one wants to be sold. People do want to buy, and they do want to make changes sometimes, but they do not like to feel as though you are constantly selling to them.  Both in social media and in everyday life it is ALWAYS best to show by example.  Show people how great your lifestyle is because of working with your company.  Make people curious to know what you are doing that is allowing you to have a great life.  Give them a chance to ask you questions.  By showing others that you are manifesting your dreams, you will automatically help them to see that they can do it too.

  1. Don’t Compete With Anyone!

Competing with others on social media or in any other venue is a losing battle.  Live with an abundant mentality.  There is always enough business for everyone. Be kind, be an encourager, be your authentic self.  The only person that you should ever compete with is you.

Your job on this planet, if you choose to accept, is to be a better you today than you were yesterday.

  1. Cheer Other People On!

Care about other people.  Be the first one to say something nice to/or about someone.  Be the person who notices when others do well. Take the time to acknowledge other people’s wins.  Publicly congratulate people even if they are not in your company or on your team.  Take notice of others.  Be genuinely interested in them.  Look for ways to highlight other people.  Genuinely want for others what you want for yourself.

  1. Show Your Interest In Other People’s Posts.

Like, share, and comment on other people’s posts.  Don’t be the person who only has something to say when it is about them or their company.  For every post your make you should be liking, sharing, and commenting on at least three to five posts that someone else made.  Show people that you care about what they are posting.  People don’t care how much you know until you show them how much you care.

I believe in you, and I am sending you ALL GREEN LIGHTS for your journey!

You will never know how many people you may help and inspire just by daring to be you!”

~ Carol A. Briney

Carol A. Briney is a motivational speaker, author, and podcast host. She resides in Pittsburgh, Pa.



Social Media by Carol A. Briney


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