The TRUTH About How You Can Replace Your Income at Work in a Network Marketing Program! By Robert Blackman Article & Video

The TRUTH About How You Can Replace Your Income at Work in a Network Marketing Program! By Robert Blackman


We’ve all heard the hype:

“I made $30,000 in 30 days!”

“I quit my job in 6 months!”

So, like me, you’ve probably joined more Network Marketing programs based on a promise that never appeared for you.

Join the club…we all have the same t-shirt now!

But, if you’re serious about using Network Marketing to replace your income at work, here is exactly what it will take for you to do it.

How do I know?

Because my wife and I used to make $40,000 a year each at our jobs.

At $80,000 a year you’d think we’d be living an easy life, right?


Our take home pay after taxes was around $6,000.

It’s amazing at how FAST $6,000 goes through your checking account.

With children, rent, car payments, car insurance, health insurance, life insurance, food, clothes, kids sports, you name it, it all seemed to add up more than our take home pay.

We needed help.

After several “bad decisions” of get rich quick programs where we spent almost a month’s salary we both stopped and said:


We finally met a man who was making $100,000 a month in a Network Marketing program. He sat us down and showed us the math.

Here was our plan to replace our $80,000 a year jobs:

$80,000 / 12 months = $6,000 a month needed to come home.

$3,000 needed to bring just one of us home.

At an average of 5% in commissions we needed the following monthly sales volume:

$3,000 / 5% = $60,000 in monthly commissionable sales volume.

$6,000 / 5% = $120,000 in monthly commissionable sales volume.

With an average order size of $100 a month in products we’d need the following number of reps:

$60,000 / $100 = 600 reps

$120,000 / $100 = 1,200 reps

My first response to this $100,000 a month earner was:

“We can’t do that on our own”

He said:

“You’re correct, but you and your team can”.

He then sat down and drew out a 2 – year plan to get us to 1,200 reps.

We did it in 12 months.

If you don’t know YOUR NUMBER to quit your job you need to stop now and write it down with the above formula.

Yes, your program may pay out more or less than 5% in commissions and your average order per distributor may be more or less than $100.

But, get a game plan…when you do, you get focused.

And, when you’re focused you stop believing all the hype, you hear and read, that tells you what you “want to hear”.

I just told you what you “need to hear”.

I needed to hear it, too.

And, it changed our lives forever.

We hope and pray it will for you, too!

Robert & Sheri Blackman

 The TRUTH About How You Can Replace Your Income at Work in a Network Marketing Program! by Robert Blackman


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Robert Blackman

Robert Blackman-The Doctor of Direct Mail

- Married with five children ages 2 -18.Works from home and considers time more important than money.
- Robert has been in Network Marketing for 33 years.
- Robert Blackman is the Author of two MLM books on“How to Sit Back & Get Rich in Any MLM” (1996) and “MLM Big Money” (2011).
- He owns and runs a lead generation company.
- He also owns a monthly MLM membership and coaching program.
- He has produced a generic 33-CD MLM Mastery Training Course.
- Has consulted with six different MLM Presidents.
- Is a copywriter for many top MLM distributors.
- As the owner of his own printing plant, Robert merged his warm marketing techniques into the cold market with direct mail recruiting.
- In one year alone he had over 8,000,000 postcards mailed through co-ops in his organization at no cost to him!
- Designed and created one of the world’s largest online recruiting systems that generated over 3,000,000 optins and converted 80,000 of those into paid auto-ship distributors in a 18-month period.
- One of the few distributors that has created large downlines in both warm marketing and cold marketing (both with direct mail and the internet).
- What you’ll learn…
- How to use direct mail to explode your business and your downlines business through warm marketing!
- The biggest mistakes to avoid with direct mail.
- Why I get my prospects street address on all my capture pages.
- Why you MUST use direct mail to build your downline.
- How I convert 46% of all my online squeeze page opt-ins into customers/distributors.
- See exact postcard samples that have I used.
- How I made $3,000 to a list of 1,253.
- How I made $18,000 to a list of 4,285.
- The “1% Rule” of direct mail and how to use it to DOUBLE your group.
- Why it’s “okay” to lose money on your first mailing.
- How to write your own postcard in one afternoon.
- How to get your own postcard co-op going every month at no cost to you!
- Where to get your mailing lists.
- Where to get your printing done.
- How often you should mail your lists.
- When to use a postcard.
- When to use a sales letter.
- How to tie your direct mail into all your online marketing (websites, twitter, facebook, etc.)
- A sample Facebook direct mail campaign that cost me .18 cents per click and created an R.O.I. (return on investment) of 22 times my cost of running the ad!
Robert Blackman
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