The Two Most Important Women In Network Marketing by George Madiou

George-MadiouPlease allow me to indulge myself.  This is the most important issue each year and as I thought about this issue and how important this subject is, I realized that there is two very important network marketing women in my life.  Two women who have affected the success of myself and tens of thousands of networkers over many years.

The very most important woman in network marketing in my life is my wife Debbie Madiou. Now I know many men would choose their wife if asked the same question but let me explain why this is more than just winning points with Debbie.

  • My network marketing career became a full time effort over 20 years ago with the introduction of a product that changed the life, for the better, for Debbie after a horrible automobile accident.  The product line was life changing but the business development side was extraordinary.
  • I watched Debbie apply some of the greatest life principles acquired from network marketing  in her teaching  of our children, friends, downline and eventually to other endeavor outside of network marketing.
  • The biggest influence Debbie has had on me in network marketing has been her influence for over 10 years in Her support quietly behind the scene has been an incredible influence to the success of the magazine, that has helped tens of thousands of people around the world. Without her constant support I know I would not have been able to accomplish delivering this fine tool to the world. Thank you from the bottom of my heart Debbie!

The second most influential network marketing woman in my life is my work partner and editor of, Mary K Weinhagen.

  • Mary K has been my right hand leader from the very first day at She has read and edited each of the thousands of the articles that appear in the magazine.  Her accuracy, insight and suggestions have made a world class publication.
  • Mary K has been a brilliant advisor to me and also to many leaders in the industry.
  • As a prolific author she has shared her wisdom to tens of thousands of people around the world.  Thank you Mary K!

It is my pleasure to share these very special women of network marketing to the world, and to shine a very special light on them for all the world to see.

Who are your special network marketing women that have made a powerful impact on you? Don’t forget to let them know and honor them.

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