The Value of Nurturing – by Ghazala Jabeen

The Value of Nurturing – by Ghazala Jabeen

The word ‘Nurture’ according to the Oxford Dictionary means ‘to care and to protect (something or someone) whilst they grow’.

With that in mind allow me to set the scene as Ghazala Jabeen the No1 Marketing Machine. I would like to share my thoughts, values and take on the subject for this month’s theme ‘The Value of Nurturing’ in the world of Network Marketing and Direct Sales.

Having been in this industry for over 30 years, there is so much I have learned and still learning about the evolving process in a company and its people/organisation.

The growth of anyone or anything must be supported with love, mindfulness and dedication.  

Let me share with you a little journey of mine in the minefield of a new territory. I remember, in my earlier days working as a newbie in a network marketing company, I was asked to go to one of the seminars with a team of other networkers, I was so excited.  In fact, I was nervous and excited at the same time.  

When asked to go and stand in front of the meeting room to do a short one-minute intro about myself and the reason why I joined that company, I was shocked and not prepared but I bravely marched up to the front of the room and smiled at everyone and started speaking to a room full of Network Marketers but unfortunately, I went on for 10 mins (without realising) when it was only meant to be one minute. 

Although they all enjoyed my story, the meeting host jokingly said ‘well, that was an interesting one-minute intro and I thought to myself, oops and embarrassingly smiled at everyone and quietly sat down to reflect on this.

The moral of that story is that I realised I had a lot to learn about these things. I asked my upline (the person who enrolled me in this company) to guide me on how to do things better with a better understanding of responsibilities and a structure/strategy to work to.   He said as I had shown the willingness to learn, he was happy to give me time in improving my skills and he dedicated his time to help me… Which was the beginning of my journey of ‘Self Development’. 

This experience taught me a big lesson on the importance and the value of nurturing people that want to grow.

I was fortunate that I have had many amazing Teachers, Mentors, Coaches, and also an amazing man in my life, my late husband Martin, who became my cheerleader, my ‘wise owl’ and my go-to for advice’. He always had a wonderful way to bring wisdom to any situation showing respect and understanding.

I felt I wanted to do everyone proud in my growth and achievement, I also learned the art of duplicating these good basic principles in my role to help other ‘newbies’ and those that were stuck in moving forward to greater success.

I knew that if I had not had amazing support, I may not have made it the kind of success, I enjoy today.  I have appreciated being helped and nurtured through my early learning phase to cope well at the different milestones of my personal life and business life and I owe this to the process of ‘The Value of Nurturing’ which played a major part to my success today. 

One of the most influential quotes in my life that changed my future during my personal development phase was….

‘If you work hard on your job, you can make a living. If you work hard on yourself, you can make a fortune – from the Legendary Jim Rohn.

This made me realise that is what I need to do if I want a better life and a better lifestyle to do achieve bigger and better things in my life, so I became a keen student of lifelong learning to this day.

I also became an avid reader of The Network Marketing Magazine, as this turned into one of my educational, inspirational go-to resources to get good at working hard on myself.  This was my self-nurturing time.

I made it my business to help nurture people especially when they just join an organisation and help bring the best out of them so they can present their offerings, powerfully, confidently and professionally with my 3 P’s formula.

I set a simple 1, 2, 3, ‘Getting Started’ training, which moved into a 4-step system and then I realised I wanted to stop at a 5-step system, because, if people can easily remember 5 steps on one hand, then they will learn quicker, and it would become more duplicatable and the power of networking success will follow and sure enough it did on global success.  This was especially important for brand new people in an organisation/team, to help wean people into a company or a system whether they are selling or marketing products, services or both.

These days we do a lot more online prospecting than the way we used to offline, so we must have a structure/strategy to get people to understand the process better and nurture them and their qualities to help them create the success they are looking for.

Before I work with anyone, I always set a 30-minute FREE strategy session (Fact Find) to establish if we are a good fit for each other, once we establish that, we then move onto the ‘Getting Started’ stage. We should all take the time to know the people we are working with better to improve our relationship to achieve the desired outcome.

As my saying goes ‘ Together, let’s make a make as we make a difference’ – Ghazala Jabeen

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