The Wild Horse Called Time by Carla Archer

I know, I know, the saying goes “everyone has the same 24 hours it is what you do with it that makes the difference”. 

Have you also heard this statement before? 

I know it to be true, but all the same, there was a time when taking control of my time in a day was like trying to ride a wild horse. 

Why can taking control of our time feel like such an impossibility? 

Why does it sometimes feel like there just isn’t enough? 

Like a wild thing, I would think I finally had control of Time, and the next thing I knew Time had bucked me off again and I lay there wondering what the heck had happened to me. 

Where did it go all wrong? 

I was really “trying” to make time. 

I became frustrated and stressed out and like I wanted to give up. 

I was after all a semi-retired part-time entrepreneur who was “working” all the time. 

This was not the life I aiming to create. 

Do you know that feeling? 

Let me ask you this….. 

Do you have a day or a period of time when you can get so much accomplished that you even surprise yourself a little bit? 

Why do think this is? 

This is the same question I asked myself after being bucked off again and wondering why this might be the case. 

And then I figured it out. 

When I knew what I was working towards, what I was focused on, and why, managing my time to accomplish my tasks became that much easier.

I was highly motivated and focused. 

I had made a choice that I really wanted what I was working towards.

It was really important to me. 

I became more observant of my behaviors when it came to my time. 

I noticed that when I was working without a plan, without goals, or a very specific reason why I was doing the actions I was doing, I ran out of time. 

I accomplished very little and I spent more time “working” than I did when I knew what I was moving towards. 

This was when I realized what would keep me on my wild horse and tame Time. 

I started using a calendar system. 

I started blocking off times during the day to allocate to everything in my life. 

I became more structured which provided me with more freedom because I was no longer at the mercy of time. I was not the victim of time.

I was becoming the master of the time. 

I planned what I was working on and I knew why I was devoting time to these activities. 

I played around with my schedule and allowed myself to freely experiment with it.

I became more disciplined at following my calendar activities because I started to see the results of blocking off time. I was relieved to no longer feel that I was lost in it all and ended up down some rabbit hole somewhere a million miles away from what I sat down to do. 

I quickly realized when I had veered off course and was able to revisit my goals and make a few adjustments to get back on that horse.

I was easily able to prioritize what I said yes and no to. 

I started spending more quality time with my family and friends. 

I was able to be more present with them because I was making time for them. 

I was not stretching myself thin. 

I became a better communicator with my family which made it easier for them to come to me because they did not feel like they were bothering me. 

I had more time for myself and I did not feel guilty about it or stressed out anymore…and

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Carla Archer
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