The Wisdom of Character in Business by Deborah Neary

Deborah Neary

As a child, I often heard adults saying things like “you need to suffer in order to build character”.

Consequently, I was a little afraid to work toward a strong character because who wants to “suffer,” right? I hear people, all the time, saying that in order to become very wealthy you need to be corrupt at some level. The more you “have”, the more corrupt you are?

 I wholeheartedly disagree with this sentiment.
 I have spent the last four days in Kanha, India, near Hyderabad at the “Heartfulness Meditation Center.”

 We are celebrating the 150th birthday of a man named Lalaji Maharaj, who was born on Febbruary 2, 1873. He was the founder of this type of Raja Yoga meditation.

Babuji Maharaj was his disciple in the 1960s and early ’70s and during the ’80s. It was he who brought Raja Yoga to the western world.

During the 1970s Babuji was a man of little means and he lived a very simple life.

He spent his own money and time traveling all around India, on public transportation. He was transmitting love with pure thoughts that one day there would be thousands of people who would experience this kind of love, learn how to meditate and treat everyone with respect and compassion and regard others as “brothers and sisters.”

He knew that humanity would benefit and he was committed to the growth of this practice his entire life.

It was like a man planting an acorn, knowing he will not see the full-grown tree.

Today I am sitting in Kanha under the roof of the largest “facility” in the world. It looks a little bit like a spaceship has landed, with satellite spaceships all around. It’s quite strange from the air looking down on this building, but it’s also very beautiful. Almost like a natural occurrence.

The surroundings include gorgeous trees and flowers. It feels like paradise. I am here with over 50,000 people from all over the planet; all meditating on love in the heart.

I say Babuji started something massive and it was because of his character, vision, and mostly, his love for humanity.

Today during my morning meditation I had an idea that I’d like to share with you.

It takes a little participation on your end. If you agree please take a moment to breathe in and out slowly and remember we all have divinity in our hearts. You have a divine light in your heart. Breathe in and breathe out. Breathe in and breathe out. Now, for a moment close your eyes. Do you feel the love in your own heart?

So what the heck does this have to do with business, character, and network marketing? Well, I would say absolutely everything! 

Imagine if you will, for a few moments, that your heart is filled with divine love; nothing complicated, just pure essence.

The reason for being here is for your own self-acceptance and love. What is best for you? What is best for your family? Your friends, colleagues, and the people you meet every day. What about the city that you live in and the other surrounding cities where others live? What is best for your country? What is best for far-off lands and the people and the animals that live there?

Now imagine looking down from an aircraft and seeing the farms, the houses, and the lights. Think about all of the people’s lives; All the comings and goings; The births, the deaths, and all that it is to be “human.”

Picture traveling further away from the planet; very slowly, moving away into the night into the sky, into the stars. Keep moving away until you experience Earth actually disappearing from sight. Now you’re amongst the stars, moving further, and further, and further away from where you began.

Imagine, if you can, going far out into space, into the Universe…. as far as you can possibly go; disconnecting from the planet and from who you are, from what you want, even forgetting your name. Are you still a human?

Now allow yourself to float away from your home and relax. Think about what it is to be human. It is a privilege that we have; this heart full of light and love for one another.

Now gradually pull yourself back into the atmosphere, into the clouds. Back down slowly, slowly, to this beautiful, unbelievably vibrant, and diverse planet: Earth. Become aware of your senses. Listen to the sounds of the birds; the wind in the trees; the oceans coming and going; the laughter, the singing, and the crying. Breathe in the sweet fragrance of the flowers; your mother’s cooking; the warmth of an embrace.

Now think about how you wish to BE in your world. Operate from this place of pure love and you cannot go wrong in your leadership, and in your business. and if you decide you want to manifest abundance, prosperity, and compassion your network will be composed of such people.

You will attract the characters of those you wish to help. You will accumulate greater wealth for yourself and all those who chose to join you in your venture. Why not grow a network from this perspective?

When you see success and the success of your team, the benefits will be felt all over the world and people will benefit on the very deepest levels….way beyond yourself. This is “character” and this is how we go beyond business or pleasure. It is all one. Your success is the success of others.

There’s a system in business, known as a “horizontal, organizational system” where a leader cannot lead without first focusing on their leaders’ success. That is the “nature” of network marketing. This system assumes all are on the same level and that core beliefs are shared. That is the beauty and the magic of network marketing. 
Here is a quote from the  book:

 “Truth Eternal”. by Lalaji Maharaj:

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Deborah Neary
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