The World is Your Stage – 10 Tips in Terrific Presentations by Christine Campbell

Christine Campbell

Whether standing in a grocery line, getting your hair cut by a hairdresser or barber, volunteering at a nearby food bank, or talking with your workmates in the breakroom,…..

you have a stage to practice anything you want to say regardless of what you are doing in your everyday life. There are so many opportunities to practice, practice, practice.

My husband and I raise goats.  They listen extremely well and don’t talk back, (the barnyard, filled with goats, ducks, and chickens creates a perfect rehearsal arena). Now, you may not have a barnyard, but I am sure you can get creative in finding a place to practice in.

Now that you received some suggested ideas in practice, let’s talk about what you will do for your presentation, and it isn’t just about the words.  In my teenage years I performed on stage through music and later studied public speaking-communications in college, and today, continue to learn through research and practice.

Below are tips for creating an effective speech presentation.

My Top 10 Tips to Make an Impact, and Create Results...

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Christine Campbell
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