The 5 Qualities of True Wealth Building by Steve Taubman

SteveTaubmanHere are five things you can do to put yourself in the driver’s seat of your own life, follow through on your commitments, and make a difference in the world in 2014! This is a perfect moment for me because I’m being invited to put my money where my mouth is. I’m sure you’ve been in that position too, and it can be both terrifying and exhilarating. In this case, I’ve been asked to write an article about how to keep your New Year’s resolutions and how to follow through on what you say you’re going to do. This is of HUGE importance to all of us in network marketing, since nobody’s hanging over our shoulders forcing us to complete our projects.

Our success is dependent on our capacity to reliably and consistently take action with no prodding from the outside.

So, here I am with four hours to write an article, and having agreed to do so, I’m now in the exact same position as you;ll be come New Years! NULL Here are five things you can do to put yourself in the driver’s seat of your own life, follow through on your commitments, and make a difference in the world in 2014! ~ Decide if 2014 is the year you’re going to get over yourself. Up to now, you may have been doing things for your own benefit What if starting now, you stopped trying to improve your life and started trying to improve the lives of others? Imagine how much more accountable you’d be to your commitments if your intention was to make a difference for everyone you encounter. Self-centered motivations are not only short lived but are extremely fragile, as you easily break commitments to yourself whenever it feels more comfortable or convenient to do something else instead. But magnanimous motivations are so much more solid. When your mission is to help others, you’ll be much less likely to flake out and let yourself off the hook whenever you don’t feel like following through. ~ Decide if 2014 is the year you’re going to embrace organization. I don’t know how many times I’ve had to repeat the line that you can’t find time or space, you can only make it. If you’re waiting to find time or space for your next project, good luck. This will be one more year during which you let yourself down. But, if you start the year with the commitment to be the designer of your own life, this will be a year to remember. Start now by cleaning off your desk. Make room for every project you might need to take on. Make your space inviting, so you can be productive there at a moment’s notice. Do the same with your time by using a day planner to create specific time blocks of varying lengths throughout your days, and then fill those blocks with the pieces of your projects that will fit into them nicely. I’m in a position to write this article at a moment’s notice precisely because of the time blocks I created ahead of time. If I were like most of my friends, running around frantically like a chicken with my head cut off, I couldn’t sit here and reflect on my life; and consequently be able to be a contribution to others.

When you open up time and space blocks ahead of time, you begin to take charge of your life!

~ Decide if 2014 is the year that you’re going to let your word mean more than your feelings. One of the most meaningful things I ever heard was from a Landmark Education workshop. The instructor said, “Without integrity, nothing works.” That really got me.

Integrity means being your word. If you say you’re going to do it, you do it; no questions asked. How often have you let yourself or others down because you were willing to make excuses based on your feelings.

It’s hard to measure the extent of the damage we do to our reputations, to our relationships, and to the world in general when we indulge our feelings to the detriment of our word. Once you become a reliable follower through, the universe seems to get that you are your word. Then, when you say you’re going to accomplish something, somehow it’s more likely to happen. As W.N. Murray, the Scottish explorer said:

The moment one definitely commits oneself, Providence moves too. All sorts of things occur to help one that would otherwise never have occurred. A whole stream of events issues from the decision, raising in one’s favor all manner of unforeseen incidents, meetings, and material assistance, which no man could have dreamt would have come his way.

~ Decide if 2014 is the year that you’re going to set realistic goals. For some reason, everyone seems to be stricken late each year with a case of temporary delusions of grandeur combined with amnesia. Why do we have these surges of excessive optimism? After all, there’s no precedent for them. Our outrageously grandiose goals virtually never manifest. We’re seduced by their majesty; their sheer unattainability. And we get pumped up by the temporary euphoria that goes with seeing ourselves so much better off than we are now. While some self-help gurus would disagree with me and would encourage you to “dream big,” I’d like to suggest that you set realistic goals. Whatever you set out to accomplish, use the absence or presence of a clear and logical path as an indicator of whether you’re being realistic or just entertaining your ego with pretty pictures you have no intention of painting. Starting now, for every dream or goal you set, take an equal amount of time to plan the execution of it and to measure the likelihood that you’ll be able to take the necessary action. Even if a dream feels really good, don’t make it into a resolution unless it resonates with your logical mind too. ~ Decide if 2014 is the year you’re going to study mindfulness. Up to now, mindfulness has been a buzzword that few understood and which had vague meaning. Now we understand with great clarity that mindfulness is one of the chief prerequisites for accomplishment. Mindfulness is the capacity you must develop to be present in each moment.

Self awareness, self acceptance, and the ability to distinguish between truth and illusion are key to your success. Without it, you’re likely to react rather than respond to challenges in your life.

When the going gets tough, the mindful notice the emotional affect but don’t collapse into it, running from their commitments. The rest of us allow our emotions to chase us away from what we want, because we haven’t learned how to be present to things like fear and discouragement. Only when you can accept rejection, frustration, and the obstacles your own mind will throw in your way will you ever be able to move past them. Otherwise, you’ll foolishly make big plans, temporarily forgetting that obstacles will arise, and then when they do, the plans will go out the window as a way of protecting you from the emotions you don’t like. Learn to embrace your emotions through mindfulness practices like meditation, journaling, and presence exercises, and you’ll find you’re more consistent in your actions and more resilient in the face of challenges. If you’re ready to make 2014 the year that you design your own life, follow these five principles; get over yourself, embrace organization, be your word, set realistic goals, and study mindfulness….and this will be the most profitable, productive, and fulfilling year of your life!

For more information on goal setting, well being and mindfulness practices, visit my website,, Make sure to take the free Mindfulness Assessment to learn how far YOU have to go to be more successful through mindset management!


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