The 7 DEADLY Mistakes Made by most network and direct marketers by Chris Williams Wendy Stevens

Why follow the crowd when you can follow the leaders?  Dear budding network or direct marketer, Chris Williams here, with a few choice words about building a successful network or direct marketing business. Back when I was a Girl Scout, I sold the most cookies BY FAR three years running. If you read what my partner Wendy Stevens has to say about building a successful network or direct marketing business, you’ll understand a little about how I accomplished this feat. Over the years, I’ve consistently out-sold everyone in my company. Even when I was a rookie (and a woman) in the male-dominated fish-market business, I sold more fish than my boss. It’s a knack I have that I’ve subsequently learned to teach others. NULL

I attribute much of my success in sales and business to my desire to always learn from the best.

Although, like Wendy, I do put in long hours, I tend to work smart. I enlist the help of others, and I do the right things at the right time. Now, as a consultant and coach to entrepreneurs like you, I’ve seen my share of mistakes made. It’s sad, really. When I think about the huge potential that goes to waste by making these deadly mistakes, I feel an even greater urge to teach as many entrepreneurs as possible. What follows are the 7 Deadly Mistakes Made by Most Network Marketers and Direct Sales People (and most entrepreneurs, for that matter):

Deadly Mistake Number 1: Choosing the wrong company for the wrong reasons.

If you got hoodwinked into believing that your company is going to hand you business on a silver platter, you’re sadly mistaken. And if you don’t thoroughly believe in the products your company sells, you’re doomed to failure. Never, ever choose a company on the advice of a friend or family member. But if you’re already financially involved up to your knee caps, you’ve still got time to make things right. Just don’t make any of the following six deadly mistakes.

Deadly Mistake Number 2: Running your business like a hobby.

Come on now. You’re working a full time job already. You’ve got soccer practice for the kids. Do you really think you can build a profitable business in your spare time? Actually, you can. But you’ve got to be seriously committed to making this business work. That means you find the best possible mentor or mentors and spend your time and energy on activities that will help you grow your business. Rather than treat your business like a hobby, you’ll treat it with all the focus and respect of any business person. Any good mentor will show you how to run a business properly. You’ll learn how to create systems, construct a realistic and workable marketing plan, and hire or joint venture with people who will complement your skills and talents.

Deadly Mistake Number 3: I hate selling.

Most entrepreneurs I know say that they hate selling. Why, because we hate being sold to and that’s why you’re not going to learn how to sell. Think I “sold” all those cookies as a Girl Scout? No way. I networked and joint ventured my way to more sales than anyone. I created relationships and asked those people to help me sell. You’re going to learn how to network your way to a six figure income, even if you hate sales. Networking – the building of relationships – is what every successful business person eventually masters. No sale is made without first building a relationship, even sales that occur online. Any purchase happens only after a connection is made between the company or sales person and the customer. If you think about things you’ve purchased, you’ll realize that you’ve always formed an emotional bond with the company, the product, or the sales person. When I work with any entrepreneur, I show them how to focus on the relationship first. Once that’s done, the sale almost takes care of itself.

Deadly Mistake Number 4: Following the crowd.

I feel sick when I see this happening. You get a whole line of people following some lame guidance about “making a list of your friends and family,” or “sending people to your company web page.” With several hundred thousand people all doing exactly the same things that are proven to NOT work, it’s no wonder that nine out of ten (or is it 99 out of 100?) people fail to make any money at network marketing or direct sales. If you had a choice of following Donald Trump or the out-of-work plumber down the street, whom would you choose? Yet, that’s what most people do by taking the same unsuccessful steps as 97 out of 100 network and direct marketers. Wendy and I formed our partnership because team leaders from a number of network marketing and direct sales companies wanted our help in training their sales people and distributors. Flat out, they’re doing a fabulous job for you, but their time is limited. They realize that everyone is getting the same vanilla information on how to generate leads and grow their businesses. They want you to be wildly successful, and they realize that if more people break away from the masses, their companies will thrive. Imagine how successful they’d be if even 3 or 4 out of 10 distributors became wealthy, instead of the usual 3 out of 100. The leaders of your company also know that few of you will take their advice and learn these uncommon, but profoundly effective lead generation, marketing and sales strategies. Why? Nobody really knows. It could be laziness, but is most likely a fear of failure – common in any business. That’s why we say our business is “Elite Training for Serious Network Marketers.”

Deadly Mistake Number 5: Playing the Lone Ranger.

Many of the entrepreneurs and sales people I’ve worked with have this strange idea that being “independent” is a good idea. You’ll fail if you try to do everything yourself. You can’t. Bill Gates learned this early in his career. Right off the bat he negotiated a deal to provide the operating system for IBM’s new PC. He didn’t even have an operating system at the time, but he didn’t let that stop him. He found the resources he needed to make it happen. That’s what you’ll do to be successful. You’ll learn how to build the right kind of team so that you’ll use your skills and knowledge, and farm out what you’re not good at.

Deadly Mistake Number 6: Having a losing mindset.

Your attitude and belief system matter! Long before the term “new age” was coined, Henry Ford said, “If you think you can, you will. If you think you can’t, you won’t.” Positive thinking has been around for centuries, and it works. Nearly all religious and spiritual leaders throughout history have spoken of the power of faith. But it’s not just about faith. You’ll learn how to shift your thinking to believe in yourself and your ability to achieve your goals. You’ll find that as you’re thinking changes, so do your external events. If you’re harboring serious doubts about yourself, your company, the products, or direct marketing, then do what you can to rid yourself of these doubts and you will dramatically increase your chances of success. Decide what you want, believe you can have it, and THEN take smart action daily. This is a winner’s mindset, and it’s what I know has helped Wendy and I to be wildly successful in our all our businesses.

And, Deadly Mistake Number 7: Using marketing techniques that no longer work.

This is where the rubber meets the road. If you’re not doing the right things at the right time, you’ll fail – no matter how hard you work. What are the right things? It’s doing what works TODAY. Five years ago you could start an email newsletter and earn big bucks. Today that method still works, but is done quite differently. Old, static web sites are out. Web 2.0 is in. What worked in advertising and direct marketing last year won’t be as effective this year. Smart marketers stay on top of what’s working and what isn’t. They won’t send out a slew of
post cards just because it was done successfully three years ago.

Are you making any of these deadly mistakes? Learn how to do the right things at the right time.

Wendy and I are here to accelerate the growth of your business beyond your wildest dreams. Why follow the crowd when you can follow the leaders?


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