The Accidental Leader by Mark Semple

Mark SempleHow do you know when you are ready to be a Leader?  How do you know when you are ready to be a Leader? You know that the key to building a successful business with a consistent, increasing paycheck is to is to introduce others to your opportunity. When you are new to the business, there is so much to learn. You are learning about the company and the products. You are learning about the profession and you are learning new skills. Although you know that building a Team is an essential strategy, do you feel confident to lead others?

Many of the successful Leaders I have met, became Leaders early on, before they felt they were ready. Essentially, they were accidental leaders.

When you have the passion for what you are doing and it is radiating from you, others will want to experience it. NULL

To be a Leader does not mean that you have to be an expert or be at a certain level. It simply means that you know more than the people who want to join your Team. If you want to build a $100,000 business, recruiting will be a core part of the strategy. If you don’t think you are qualified to recruit until you have achieved that level, you may not get very far. So what do you do while your results and success are in process?

You borrow success. Your belief in your company and products, and your passion for what you do will attract others to join your Team.

If you are not comfortable talking about what is possible when you have not yet achieved it yourself, just know that you are sharing what you believe. This is a clear testament to your integrity. If you are sharing facts and information that you do not believe in, that would not be a good strategy. When you share from a place of belief and passion, you are simply sharing what you believe in – which is in total integrity. The choice of participation is then up to your prospect.

Know that your Leadership role began the moment you decided where your journey is going.

And, that you already have a great Leader within. Mark Semple CCC


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