The Advancing Woman by Frank Bolella

Frank BolellaThe Success Edge… the key to getting it all! When it comes to achievement, success, and maximizing one’s human potential, women face a set of challenges extremely different than those of men. For the past twenty five years as a success coach I’ve worked with men and woman from a number of different careers. I’ve coached athletes, politicians, entrepreneurs, military personnel and network marketers. During these wonderful and fulfilling years of equipping and empowering people to maximize their human potential it became very clear to me that

Women striving for success and achievement have to deal with a number of unique challenges that men know little about.

 NULL Cindy K., one of my clients and a true super achiever who has built a strong network marketing business earning over $200,000 a year in just two years as a single mom, says it best, “The dudes don’t have a clue what we have to deal with while building our businesses.” Cindy will go on to talk about challenges like having to leave your kids at home crying for you with the baby sitter while going out on appointments. She’ll talk about hormones, PMS, and emotional changes that “us dudes” don’t have a clue about. Cindy’s a winner. She’s overcome many challenges, a number of which are totally unique to woman. She has built a great business, a business that is growing and expanding daily. What’s given Cindy the edge? When it comes to success and achievement there are a number of key factors.

Achievers are people who have clear objectives, personal power, they implement success strategies and they take massive action.

But there is one unique principle I’ve discovered called “The Success Edge” that makes the ultimate difference between success and failure. What’s the success edge? It’s the edge that can keep you producing day after day, week after week, month after month and year after year. It’s the life principle that will able you to keep on keeping on without burning out. It’s the fuel that gives you the power to keep on moving forward without running out of gas. It’s the secret that continues to produce power, energy, inspiration, motivation, enthusiasm, passion, excitement, and growth. It’s what every super achiever who has kept on achieving year after year has discovered. It always leads to greater success, wealth, fulfillment, meaning, joy, peace, health, love, wisdom, purpose and abundance. The Success Edge Explained The Success Edge is a universal principle and like all universal principles when applied always produce predictable results. For instance, if you were to take two molecules of hydrogen and combine them with one molecule of oxygen what will you get? That’s right, every time, you get water. Good old H2O. You’ll get it in India and in Indiana; you’ll get it in York, England and New York City. You’ll get the same results anywhere on the planet earth. That’s just how universal principles work. Just as you’ll get water when applying physical universal principles so when you apply universal success principles you will always get success. So what is “The Success Edge?”

“The Success Edge” is balance.

That’s right, balance. It’s what Cindy K. discovered and every person who has ever lived and enjoyed continuous growth and achievement. Without balance life becomes a series of sprints. You take off from the starting line run as fast and hard as you can, only to quickly become exhausted and burned out. With balance life becomes a marathon, the continuous and never ending process of growth and achievement in the seven key dimensions of life. With balance you are ever in the process of expanding, enlarging, improving, constructing and building. With balance you grow spiritually, psychologically, emotionally, physically, relationally, vocationally, and financially. With balance your life becomes an exciting adventure of expanding your fullest potential.

“The Success Edge” produces holistic growth and improvement.

Instead of one dimensional growth which always ends in disappointment and sometimes disaster. Balanced growth produces wealth. Wealth is wellness or wellbeing in life’s seven dimensions. Wealth is an expanding and meaningful life purpose in the spiritual dimension.. It’s growing in wisdom and self-mastery in the psychological dimension.. It’s joy and peace in the emotional dimension.. It’s health and vitality in the physical dimension.. It’s love and compassion in the relational dimension.. It’s success in the vocational dimension.. It’s abundance in the financial dimension. Wealth is a life of extreme fulfillment and achievement. Wealth is an extraordinary life! My good friend Philip Hlohinec is the C.E.O. and founder of is a fast growing organization that equips people to be successful entrepreneurs in multi level marketing. I believe that much of Philip and jobremoval’s success is due to their tremendous commitment to teaching and coaching people about how to expand their potential in the seven life dimensions and live a balanced life. Men also need “The Success Edge,” but I believe that women building MLM businesses need it more.

Women face a set of challenges and demands that men simply don’t face. The number one determining factor that will determine their success or failure which I’ve discovered through personal coaching is balance.

When they understand how to balance business, family, spirituality, health, and personal growth everything in their life expands in quality. When they apply “The Success Edge” their performance and productivity excel. By balancing their life and developing their potential in each of the seven life dimensions success manifests. Three Tremendous Benefits of the Success Edge How does the “Success Edge” look in the life of a super achiever? For one thing it’s a life of growth. You cannot expand your spirit and not expand your mind. When you improve your health you will have more energy to give to your business. When you are happier and at peace emotionally you will have more positive emotion to pour out on your spouse and children. When you build your business you will see your income grow. In other words everything is important!

When one dimension grows all the other dimensions grow with it.

A second benefit of a balanced life is peace of mind. When your life is out of balance it results in stress. The lack of money causes financial stress. Marital problems cause marital stress. Illness results in physical stress. Anytime we experience unbalance stress immediately occurs. I have watched hundreds of people come to me through the years stressed out. They were physically tired, emotionally burned out, relationally exhausted, spiritually aimless and vocationally lethargic. In just a few coaching sessions, guiding them to realign and balance their lives, they suddenly feel energized, passionate, purpose driven, and strong.

Balance always produces peace and harmony.

The unbalanced life always produces stress. A third benefit is a thriving MLM business. If you want your business to thrive you must thrive. The law of correspondence says, as it is on the inside so it will go on the outside. What you create on the inside will manifest on the outside. Too many people are busy trying to build their businesses and not busy enough building themselves.

If you grow yourself you cannot help but grow your business.

One of my favorite stories is about a Middle-Eastern philosopher who at twenty years old set out to change the world and at thirty returned having changed nothing. At thirty he set out to change his country and at forty returned having changing nothing. At forty he set out to change his province and at fifty again returned having had no effect. At fifty he decided he would change his smal
l town and returned at sixty without bringing any positive change to even one person. At sixty he settled to just change his family and at seventy returned unable to bring even the slightest change to any of his family members. Then at seventy he experienced enlightenment. He was illuminated with the realization that he needed to change himself. So he set out at seventy on life’s greatest quest.


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