The Advantages of Owning Your Own Business by Sue Seward

sue.sewardWhat does it mean on a personal level, and how does it fit into the future growth of network marketing and business building?  Imagine this… You work really hard for thirteen years building a solid career and you’re making a great income. You love your job, love going to work every day, love the people you work with – your team – and you even love your boss! You have the world in the palm of your hands! Life is beautiful! Then one day you have to call in sick and then you call in sick again and you’re calling in about three or four times a week. Your boss is not happy because they need you to be there working, they can’t do without you! Then the sick pay runs out and your boss calls one day to say they have to let you go because they need someone who can be there to handle the job. NULL

Thirteen years of building a career and it’s gone, the income is gone, that great job is gone, the team is gone. About eighteen months later your health is back on track so you start looking for a new job, however, due to the bad economy there’s about a 100 people applying for your same job. In fact, there are no jobs in your field available. They are all being out sourced overseas to places like China and India. Besides you’re over 50 so the people who are getting hired are younger than you. The only jobs that are available are working for Taco Bell or being a Walmart greeter working at minimum wage. Well this actually happened to me personally. The great thing is though because I had decided many years ago to develop a career in Network Marketing, when health challenges struck, I didn’t lose my job, my team, or income and I even got to keep my great sponsor! These team members, who held down the fort so to speak, even took the reins and followed up on people and brought them into the business when I was not able to work. Because I had developed solid relationships within my team, they had my back and so did my sponsor. Every month a pay check was deposited into my bank account on the 15th of the month and when I got back into the saddle again networking, connecting, sponsoring and training everything just started right back up where it left off! We all know money’s tight in this economy. Every time we turn around it’s always something right?! Our son plays tennis on his high school team and comes in the other day saying, “mom I’ve got an important tournament coming up THIS weekend and my tennis racket needs to be re-strung so I really need the money to get this done.” He sees this look from me like, oh boy now what, more money?! “Mom, if I don’t get my racket re-strung my strings could break right in the middle of the match and I’m toast!” So with that word picture in mind, I’m thinking no way I’m going to let this happen to my child! Here’s a check honey, go get BOTH your rackets re-strung right away!

Imagine waking up in the morning when you want, no alarm clock, you hop in your favorite vehicle whatever that happens to be, scoot down the driveway to your mail box and there’s your bonus check, you open it up and say “Geez they over paid me again!” or in some cases we check our bank account online on the 15th of the month… our direct deposit is in our account and we say “geez they over paid me again!”

So I’m just curious, what if you or your spouse got sick? What if your child or a parent became seriously ill? What would happen if you had to miss too much work and walked into the office one day and your boss said you’re FIRED? Would that be devastating for you and your family? Could you make it without that income? What would you lose? This can happen to anyone no matter how strong they think they are. You know there’s an old saying that the real beauty of developing an income with a Network Marketing business – is getting a pay check every month for something we do once while making a lot of great friends with an opportunity that will provide for us and our families for the rest of our lives. We all have the same ability to grab hold of this great opportunity by starting a home business in Network Marketing.

One of the biggest rewards from building a career in Network Marketing besides the money which is great by the way, is the self-development aspect of the business.

I started out thirteen years ago with no income of my own, depended totally on my husband to take care of us, had no credibility, no contacts, no corporate background, no degrees and barely made it out of high school. I dropped out of college to make money and did not have a lot of confidence. I did however, have a little previous experience in network-marketing which was mostly trial and error! The school of hard knocks experiences over the years in this profession have opened up the possibilities to a woman who had NO desire to be in the JOB environment, who wanted to be home with her two young children, yet also be able to develop a credible career with serious income potential just like any other opportunity given to a corporate business woman and allow the freedom to make my own choices as far as where we lived and how we lived. Building a career in Network Marketing is no different than any other career like Real Estate, insurance professional, actor, author, or corporate business person. It still takes time to develop contacts, make connections, build networks, solid relationships and learn about business. It’s actually knowledge that can make you rich when you put what you learn into action. The alternative was working for someone else and I was NOT going to resort to having someone else telling me what to do because there’s no freedom in having someone else making all the choices for us is there? That’s not what I call living your own life!

The ultimate goal has always been to become a successful entrepreneur who loves to network and connect with people and inspire them to grow, learn, develop, succeed and become the best they can be because this is what Network Marketing has done for this little ole stay at home mom personally as a professional and a leader.

Now I’ve developed the confidence to speak with anyone and actually really enjoy connecting even more now with people and finding out all about them, what do they do, how can I help them to get what they want, what sort of referrals are they looking for? Our profession is becoming more and more attractive to all sorts of people who have a desire to live their own lives too. With all the current economic crisis people are seeking other alternatives to take back control of their own destiny because it’s becoming more and more obvious that no one is going to take care of our future, not our employers, not the government, not our pensions, or social security. Our profession is gaining credibility from business leaders like Warren Buffet, Donald Trump, and Robert Kiyosaki who recommend creating leverage through passive residual income. Leverage, according to Robert Kiyosaki, means getting more for less. In other words, we are not the only one doing the work and when we cannot work we still get paid when we’ve put in the effort upfront and appreciate the importance of delayed gratification! I like that part don’t you? I’m grateful for family, this incredible industry, a supportive team and for the ability to have developed a passive residual income that continues to provide for us. Our mission should always be to reach out to help more people understand the importance of starting a home business in any economic time, good or bad. People are hurting today. We’ve got people crashing their planes into buildings here in Austin due to the stress that this economy is putting on more and more of our country’s citizens. It’s time to put integrity and ethics on the front burner of our profession. Let’s all reach out to one another to stop the pain. As leaders our job is to uplift people with encouragement, support them in understanding the power of passive residua
l income and what it can do for them and their family because we never know when tragedy will strike do we?


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