The Art of The Question by Sean Murphy

SeanMurphyIf you can learn to ask better questions, you immediately become valuable to any organization and bring value to all parties involved. Information is what people are looking for, what they fail to realize from time to time is that the information that they seek, they already have. Let me see if I can share my perspective. I have learned from spending time, one on one, with 100’s of people from around the world, that when its all said and done, they know how to break through to reach success. What happens most of the time is a coach will try out some different ideas to see if they can move someone along their path. The sad part is that the client will try those ideas, only to fall short of the ultimate goal.   My mentor has said to me many times, “If you want a better answer, ask a better question.” So how do I get better at asking questions? I thought I might help you out and give you a little help there. NULL

You get better at asking questions by listening, not by talking more.

If you are actively listening to someone, you will start to hear a pattern in their responses that begins to reveal some challenges in their personal process. You will hear them use a certain quality of words, something like, “I tried that before” or “I don’t have the time for that, I need something easier“.

What happens more often than not, is when you listen to someone, you are so used to hearing responses like this that they simply float by and you miss the limiting belief that is being expressed.

Its imperative that you remember that if you are someone who is looking to a coach or mentor to guide you to success, you are going to have to ask some tough questions and you need to listen to the answers. What you will find is that many will guard their answers, again because they have conditioned themselves to believe in their response.    Here are some ways to dig deeper using questions that will help you both.

1. I hear your answer, could you say that in another way so I can be clear on your response? 2. When you answer with that response, how does that make you feel? 3. How would you like to answer that question? 4. If you could answer that question in a way that would excite you, what would that sound like?

So there are a few suggestions, you can take those and you can begin to see the flow that you want to keep when you are probing to reveal their blocks. If you can learn to ask better questions, you immediately become valuable to any organization and bring value to all parties involved. So have some fun, learn the Art of the Question! It will serve you well.


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Sean Murphy
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