“The Better I Feel, The Luckier I Get!” by Julie Coombs

Julie CoombsWanna’ get luckier? Here’s a couple of simple steps based on a Universal law that states how we think and feel is more important than going through the numbers and hard work! Sponsor more of the “perfect partners” in your business by attracting them intentionally and manifesting them deliber In the spirit of St. Paddy’s Day, the title of this piece – and my current personal mantra – is both a slight twist and a far cry from another quote I was introduced to many years ago as a green and budding networker. It was coined by a famous golfer by the name of Gary Player who waxed:

“The harder you work, the luckier you get.”

Over a decade ago, this quote was enough to change my perspective on the concept of “luck”, also known as “fate”, “destiny” or “karma” and as a programmed and dedicated “workaholic” the above quote satisfied the explanation for my unusually lucky life – up until that time.  NULL So, I set out to work even harder than I had ever done before, and work harder I did, for another 10 years! I certainly made some ground, and the success and good fortune I envisioned for myself remained just out of reach – not to mention the fact that I wasn’t having a whole lot of fun, in fact, I burnt myself out in the process! Today, I’m not as sold on Mr. Player’s quote as I once was,

a newly discovered philosophy has replaced the need to “work harder”

and is the basis for the new twist on it. There is another more important component to “getting lucky” that I didn’t know about way back then, now that I do, it has completely changed both the way I live my life, and the way I build my businesses – and I hold what follows totally responsible for my fortune, fate and…my floundering. The dictionary states the following as definitions of luck:

  1. The chance happening of fortunate or adverse events; fortune.
  2. Good fortune or prosperity; success.
  3. One’s personal fate or lot.

What if fortunate or adverse events are not by “chance”? What if good fortune, prosperity and success are pre-determined by our thoughts and feelings first rather than our actions or hard work? What if how we think and what we feel from one moment to the next determines our personal fate or lot in life alone?

The latest developments in our science and psychology, and a new recognition of an age-old Universal law are telling us that we are completely and absolutely the first cause of what – or most importantly in our business of networking – who – happens to us!

What if filling our business with the perfect partners is not so much a result of “going through the numbers” as it is in getting clarity about those qualities we desire in a perfect partner and then lining ourselves up with – or modeling – those qualities? The great Dale Carnegie, author of “How To Win Friends and Influence People” said: “It isn’t what you have, or who you are, or where you are, or what you are doing that makes you happy or unhappy. It is what you think about.” For the purposes of this writing, I’ll tweak this quote as well:

“It isn’t what you have, or who you are, or where you are, or what you are doing that makes you lucky or unlucky. It is what you think about.”

And, I’ll add, “What we think about leads to how we feel, our feelings shape the choices of our actions and the actions we choose shape our end result”. Notice the hard work or action part of the equation comes last? The Universal law I referred to earlier is “The Law of Attraction”. This “law” is irrefutable and un-breakable, it works – without fail – just like the Universal law of gravity.

We are subjected to it whether we use it on purpose or by default. It is at “play” in every aspect of our lives and it is driven by our thoughts and feelings – the cause. Our actions and end results are the effects of how we think and how we feel.

Law of Attraction states that we are the creators of everything that happens to us in our lives. It requires a belief in the fact that there are no coincidences, no miracles and everything happens for a reason – as an effect of a cause, the cause being first our thoughts, and most importantly, our feelings. With The Law of Attraction, thoughts are “things”. Nothing in our world was created without first being “thought of” by someone! My favorite aspect of Law of Attraction is the absolute truth in the fact that we can Be, Do or Have ANYTHING we desire – nothing is too big or too far-fetched. In adopting this Law, one must understand that,

“nothing is more important than that I feel good”.

This brings me right back to the title of this writing: “The better I feel, the luckier I get.” My question to you now is, are you creating what and who happens to you by default or on purpose in your life? What are your inner thoughts about your business and the people around you in your daily activities? Are they positive and uplifting thoughts or are they on the more negative side based in “lackful” thinking? Practicing The Law of Attraction on purpose requires: that we know what we want with crystal clarity and why, that we have a genuine appreciation for what we already have – and what’s coming – and, that we have faith – with certainty – that what – or who we desire WILL show up in perfect timing in the perfect way.

So let’s apply this “law” to the dynamics of building our business!

I’ll give you a couple of simple steps to take away with you to immediately start practicing. If you put them to “play” you WILL see results – results that you have created by your thoughts and your own design. You will KNOW – beyond a shadow of a doubt – when your “intentions” show up for you, yet to others, it will look and seem like “good luck”! I call these steps “simple” and you will soon see if you pay attention to your thoughts that you may have some “cleaning up” to do. For some this process of will be simpler than for others!

The first step in manifesting your perfect business partners is to be clear on what you want in a partner!

We know that the most important aspect of networking is the relationships that it creates. And we also know that those that we “connect” with and have the best relationships with are most like us, we say that we mirror that which we are attracted to in others, those of “like-thinking” and “like-purpose”. So, make a list! Write down all the positive aspects you would like to attract in the perfect business partner. Chances are you’ll see the same set of positive attributes in yourself as well! I have often thought to myself and heard others say, “I’d like a handful of people just like me!” Once you’ve made your list, focus upon those aspects. Think about – or visualize – why you want to meet these people and how it would make you feel to connect with them and build a business together right now! What would you do? Where would you go with them? Think of and feel how much fun it will be to have a business made up of people that have the same passion for fun and life that you have!

Because if you’re not having fun, what’s the point?! We “do” things because it makes us feel good to do them!

Using The Law of Attraction on purpose, your actions – which in the end produce your results, will always be of the “inspired” kind! Some of my most cherished friendships have been forged through my networking businesses! If you’re in business for the long-term, you’ll likely be spending a lot of time with these people. It only makes sense to partner with those that make you feel good! Focus on that feeling place, think only those thoughts that make you feel good, our feelings are what give substance to the opportunities where these people will show up – and you’ll know them when they arrive! Once our desires have been “intended
“, we also need to learn the art of remaining unattached to how our desires will “manifest” and know that “what we focus upon expands” – this especially applies to our thoughts and feelings. Don’t worry about the “hows”, the Universe now knows what and why you want these people in your life, it’ll take care of the details! Continually ask yourself, “which thoughts feel better?” We need to go about our days allowing for the possibility that at any moment we could be delivered exactly what we asked for. The positive aspects of what we ask for are always given to us when we are feeling good! Expect the best and remain in appreciation for all that you have and all that is on it’s way and before you know it you’ll have a growing group of people that are easy and fun to work with.


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