The Blessing of New Beginnings by RS Mallory

RSMalloryYour Intention is very powerful and each new beginning is a Blessing and opportunity for each of us to Re-design our lives. Welcome to 2011! She will bring you exactly what you expect for yourself, your family and your business. If you understand that your Intention is very powerful and know how to enlist the aid of her sister, The Law of Attraction you KNOW that each new beginning is a Blessing and opportunity for each of us to Re-design our lives. The opportunity for New Beginnings happens EACH AND EVERY DAY, yet most folks dismiss these opportunities and only begin to think about transformation and new beginnings at The New Year. NULL

In honor of all those meeting 2011 with relish, and understand that she presents only promise and prosperity, I offer the following activities for the turn of the year. It is a wonderful time to consider 1- Revitalizing or creating personal and business goals anew 2- Establishing, tweaking and continuing your personal growth regimen 3- Learning and acquiring new skills and honing skills you already possess 4- Expanding your personal and business Circles of Influence 5- Examine what DOES work for you and expand those activities A new beginning is an opportunity to embrace our own personal skills, desires and knowledge and ACKNOWLEDGE to ourselves that we are deserving, talented and worthy, leaving behind self doubt and activities that have not been fruitful.

This new beginning should find you examining your skills, talents, activities, resources, goals and desires with the INTENTION of creating or revitalizing them for your success in 2011 and beyond.

What skills do you have that are progressive, positive and enable you to achieve your goals? Which skills do not? When you look in the mirror, what do you see? What do you think other people see? How do you FEEL about yourself? What do you FEEL other people think of you? Create your Intention to step into 2011 as an evolving and ever growing individual.

Understand and cultivate the ability to communicate with people in ways that leaves them feeling special.

Understand and cultivate the ability to perceive situations as opportunities and hone your ability to act on them rather then let them pass you by. Focus on your abilities and all opportunities for personal growth and assisting others in THEIR endeavors. Spread your knowledge and be generous in teaching it to others and recognize others for their accomplishments. Cultivate a reputation for caring, doing for others with the Intention of helping them succeed. Be sure to TAKE personal time each and every day, enjoy your family and friends, spend time communing with The Universe, your Faith and G-d and be sure to embrace and accept that you are loved and yes, deserve to prosper!

The Blessings of each new beginning germinate, grow and mature when we embrace our personal power, focus, take action and are sure to share it with others!

May 2011 bring you myriad New Beginnings, an Abundance of Joy, Laughter and Prosperity. RS Mallory Compassionate Marketing


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