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Kevin AbdulrahmanAll you need is some grit, determination and a reminder of your reasons (of why you are doing what you are doing). The rest will come to you. Long before I was known globally as The Man Inspiring Millions, I was plain old Kevin Abdulrahman, a kid who was born in Manchester to a Middle Eastern family. I was no different than anyone else, and growing up, I certainly didn’t have anything that distinguished me to be the person that I am today. However, now I enjoy the benefits of being the recognized figure and the called upon speaker when it comes to Self Improvement, Motivation and Leadership.

Which brings me to the question: What do you think of when you hear the word BRAND?

The chances are you would think of the handful of groups whom you have a positive association with (I will stick with this as the focus of the article)- a favorite airline, a certain car maker or favorite place to grab a coffee from. Many tend to assume that brands belong only to large organizations- non human entities. However the power and importance of branding is not only a matter of consideration by large organizations. NULL

I started off by using myself as an example because in there lies the key for you taking your network marketing, home based business or any business to The Next Level. You will notice this to also be a truth and winning element common amongst all the successful leaders in your industry. They have understood and utilized the power of Branding, i.e. they are known and are distinguished for one reason or another- they are thought of and called upon when it comes to a need that they can cater for, be it a product, service or opportunity they offer. Now here’s what you have to consider. We live in a world where there are countless options and avenues. So if someone is looking for a product, service or a business opportunity, it’s fair to say that they have more choices than they can even begin to imagine. The question then is- How can you gravitate them to you? How can you make them think of you? Be it now, or when the time is right for them to take action?

Branding is building memories for people so that they think of you when they consider starting up a home based business.

Often people fail to realize that although they might be working for a company or are in business, that the first and foremost brand that is being promoted is the Brand of You. Because this is the reality we all share, whether you like it or not, you my friend are exuding a brand. The chances are you are doing so unconsciously. They way you think, they way you speak, the way you carry yourself, the way you conduct your business, they way you dress, they way you hang out. It all makes up who you are as a brand- A brand you may be well unaware of, but is what those who come in contact with you perceive. People do business, not because of the company you are with. Though that is important, the reality of the matter is that people will do business because of a simple fact. They like the brand that is You. They trust the brand that is You, and will do business with the brand You. This means, that they are doing business because of the association they have with You.

You are the point of trust. You are the point of likability. The Chances are if people like you, they will like the company you represent.

If they don’t like you, then they won’t buy or be associated with your company. Think about it for a second. Think of a time when you have gone to a mall, and decided to grab a bite to eat from the food court, or wanted to buy something like a pair of shoes. You would have experienced a person who was staff member of the company and for some reason or another, you didn’t like them, the way they communicated with you etc. In simple words, you didn’t like their brand. Chances are you took your business to the shop next door or even somewhere else, but chose not to spend your money with that company, because of what was put across by a member of the team on the floor- a representative of the brand.

You need to ensure that you are actively building your brand that will be etched in the minds of the people you are dealing with (and those whom they will be in contact with). That way if they are not doing business with you today, they can at least think of you first if the relevant topic ever comes up in their discussions or decide to do business with you.

You are the representative of yourself, your business, your company. How are you promoting yourself? Are you promoting yourself? And are you putting your best foot forward? You must ask yourself, how am I positioning myself? How am I coming across to my audience? Is the image created in the minds of the people I am communicating with the same as what I intend it to be? For example, the reason that I am often called upon at many Direct Selling Conferences is because my brand represents the speaker that I am- A speaker who connects with the Audience that make for the Driving Force of Today and Powerhouse of Tomorrow. Branding is an asset- We hear how people talk about brand power when it comes to items that have dominated the market place. The same applies with what you do in your particular niche that you want to carve out. Brand yourself to a point where by you are recognized for your brand- Brand YOU. Yes, this means, sales, marketing, promotions, directly, indirectly, through your actions, your joint ventures, through being part of the right group/s. There are many ways you can work on building the brand that is YOU. What are you thinking? What are you hearing? How are you walking? How are you talking? Is everything inline with the brand you want to build.

You need to make sure, that everything is in line with who you are and want to be. It is only when you are coherent in your being, that your brand projects, and you are therefore able to make an impact.

And like any brand worth it’s salt, it will be one that will be ingrained in people’s minds for a lifetime.’ You are fortunate position today. Whether you are established in business or starting out, now more than ever, the ability to promote yourself has never been easier and more cost effective. You don’t need to have big organization budget to get out there and create the brand of you, all you need is some grit, determination and a reminder of your reasons (of why you are doing what you are doing). The rest will come to you. The world Demands a new type of branding- A Brand that is YOU. Until the next article, this is Kevin Abdulrahman, the brand that is The Man Inspiring Millions. Have a Winning Month.


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