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George-Madiou3 ways of helping others to success. Showing up, following up and following through, 3 ways to help others on their road to success. Helping others is such an integral part of network marketing. Without helping others it is impossible to succeed in this business. What applies to helping others starts with helping ourselves first.

Unless we help our self first, we can’t be as effective in helping others.

Think back to the last time you were taking a flight. One of the instructions the flight attendant gave was “in case oxygen is needed place the mask on you first then assist any child in your care. This sound advice understands that if you can’t breathe it’s hard or impossible to help others. The point of all this is, if you are going to help others in your network marketing business, make sure that you are practicing the advice yourself.  NULL

The first way of helping others is to show up.

Be where the action is. Get up and get out. Be with the people who can use the products or services that you have. Staying home and straightening out your desk or labeling material is not doing the business. Being face to face or on the phone with prospects is the key to success in our business. It’s the fastest way to experience quick success. So many of us experience the fear of rejection and it’s easy to avoid this step. The way of overcoming this fear is to jump in and show up in front of as many people as you can! Here’s the good news:

There are no documented cases of a networker losing their life by getting in front of a (or multiple) prospects.

The second step to help others is to teach them the critical skill of following up.

There are few things that we can do as powerful as following up.

To teach this to our people is to help guarantee their success and our own. The best way to teach this skill of follow up is by example, that is, to follow up with those we are working with. Develop a system that insures that no one falls through the cracks. You will find that every one has their own pace. When you understand that and take good notes on the people you follow up with, you will find that you will make great progress with your entire list and it will happen at the right time. You will also experience that you are not begging anyone, that’s a good thing! Fall in love with the system you use for following up and stick to it. Trust the system and make it a habit. Throw away all those little pieces of paper from post-it notes to napkins. Teach your people the follow up system and watch the success!

The third way to help others is to follow through with the things that you promised.

Follow through is critical because it represents integrity. When you promise your prospects or your downline (or anyone else for that matter) something, follow through with what you agreed upon. If it was important enough to commit to, it’s extremely important to complete. So few people do what they say. When you are known as a person who does what he says, you stand heads above most other people and you are modeling leadership behavior that will help others you are involved with develop a trait that will help them forever. Show up, follow up and follow through. If you want to implement three things that will help others, you can’t go wrong with these three. Aim high!


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