The business of the business…Spring into action… is technology passing you by? by George Madiou

George-MadiouThose who do not embrace technology will be doomed to the new lower class, poor of the world. The baby boomers are the last generation exempt. I am solidly in that “Baby Boomer” bubble. I was born in 1952 and grew up with black and white TV, with only 3 channels to choose from. When I started college I used a slide rule in engineering class. The first calculator was just coming available back then and only did adding, subtraction, multiplication and division. When I took computer classes in college, in the early 70’s we did programming that went on “punch cards” and were fed into a mainframe computer. I purchased an existing business in the swimming pool industry in 1986 that had been around since the early 60’s. They were still doing monthly recurring billing by hand to 500 accounts. It took 2 people 2 weeks just to get all the billing out.  NULL

I knew then and there I had to embrace the technology that was fast coming into existence.

I bought one of the original Apple computers that had just come on the market a few years earlier. It was a small box that sat on my desk with a monitor on the front of the box and a keyboard attached. One of the women, a 72 year old by the name of Katherine, that had been there since the doors opened, warned me that this would never work. “We have never done it this way before, and you are going to ruin your business by doing it this new way now.”

That was a glimpse of what I was going to encounter as I started to embrace this new technology.

Elizabeth on the other hand, a progressive 50 year old, jumped in and learned this new system with me. That first month we were able to get the monthly billing out with one person in 2 hours, as apposed to 2 people in 2 weeks! Katherine’s fear was that she was going to be put out to pasture. That was not my intent at all. The knowledge that she possessed from years of customer service was a treasure. With all the newfound time we acquired I was able to service the needs of our customers so much more effectively with Katherine’s insight. Unfortunately, after just a few months with the new system in place Katherine announced her retirement. She could not get use to sharing the office with that box!

Katherine taught me a new technology lesson. Fear of technology is very real and threatening, and some will resist the change at all cost!

As time went on, we started to use this new technology to assist us in more areas in our business. We used it to keep track of our customers and their scheduled maintenance, we threw away all of our old typewriters (do all of you know what that is?) We used it to streamline our proposal process, allowing us to submit more proposals and do more jobs. Within a year, we doubled our revenue just by utilizing this new technology.

Thus learning another new technology lesson, embracing technology can earn you more money… that’s a good thing!

As time went on, I met people who taught me how to use technology even more effectively. I was introduced to this new aspect of technology called the Internet. It was first used mainly in the government, but when I got introduced to it, it was used to aid in a project that I was involved in selling aircraft parts all over the world to small and large customers. We sold to small mom and pop businesses, major corporations and governments, including our own military. I was amazed how easy it was to do business all over the world and how easy it was to find people to do business with. I was a sponge. The more people would teach me the more I was able to apply this new technology and make more sales and more money. I realized that the Internet was an information treasure chest.

What took me hours or even days in the library finding some useful information to aid in my sales process in the past now took seconds on the Internet!

Today, this is The Business of the Business! The Network Marketing is all digital. We utilize the technology to create your own business library, with information both text and audio (and new things to come). We span all 50 states and over 60 countries around the world. But I understand one thing that Katherine taught me. This technology is not for everyone. There is still fear attached to it. I also recognize from of my “Baby Boomer” friends that there are some that have learned to embrace technology like I have, and others that have chosen to skip it. This has been an interesting observation because we are the last that will be able to make either choice.

The “Baby Boomers” are the last generation that can afford to either embrace technology or not.

All generations after ours must embrace technology or be relegated to the “new” poor lower class. A group that will be left behind. That’s just the way it will be in the 21st century. How about the “Baby Boomers” (and our parents generation) that DO embrace technology? You will be rewarded handsomely! You will be the new standard of success. You bring to the table the success of doing business the old fashion way, through building relationships, in combination with the power of leveraging technology and making the world your neighborhood. We may not know all that the younger generation knows about technology, but we don’t have to know everything. All we have to know is what can be done and get some talented assistance from our young counter parts. We will see a level of success, never seen before. We will also have the opportunity to pass on a legacy to the next generation by teaching them the value of developing relationships combined with the power of the use of the 21st century technology. To my fellow “Baby Boomers”, embrace technology, pass on a legacy and go for the ride of your life! Aim high! George Madiou


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