The business of the business: The Leadership Role in Network Marketing by George Madiou

George-MadiouThe leadership role in network marketing and life Leadership is the #1 skill that you can develop to succeed in your business and in your life. Leadership, arguably is one of the most important skills essential for success. Success in your business, your family and your life can be achieved by taking this journey called mastering leadership. If there were one thing that you could work on, that would carry you on your success journey, would you do it? Would you work on yourself? Leadership is one of those pivotal things that you can work at for years and always improve, while at the same time at any stop along this journey, the first day, the second month, at the end of the first, fifth or twenty fifth year, you and all that are being lead by you will benefit at any time along this path. NULL

Leadership is a decision that is developed not something you were born into.

Let’s start with the decision because you just can’t lead until that decision is made. When something needs to be accomplished, it’s the decision and action a leader takes that will enable that to happen. You don’t even have to be good at first, but you do have to decide and then start. As a matter of fact part of leading is learning not to fear failure. Our sword gets sharpened during those episodes of failure more than those celebrations of victories. Our learning curve accelerates when one studies the defeats and registers them as learning experiences for our benefit and for those we are guiding. The first person that we must learn to lead is our self. People will never follow us if they see and perceive that we are not even following our own lead. Set the bar higher for yourself than you would set for those that you lead and you will find that they will follow your lead!

Start with one of the most important qualities a leader can possess and that’s integrity.

Mean what you say, be truthful and honest. It’s a quality that sets true leaders apart in our society today. When you are rock solid on this point it will be noticed, appreciated and respected. This is a quality that will often be tested and one that will need to be worked on daily. Pray about it, God honors this quality highly!

A leader puts on a new set of glasses when it comes to vision.

Vision is another skill a leader develops during the journey. A leader learns to see things that doesn’t exist, and then vividly paints the picture so others will see the vision clearly. Some people don’t see the roadblocks that are coming at them on the highway. Leaders have a way of seeing down the road and around the corner. This skill is developed through anticipation and critical thinking. This aspect of leadership like all the rest is developed over time and with practice, by just doing it and always being aware. This can be one of the most fun attributes a leader possesses… go for it!

Leaders shine the light on their people and don’t require the light be placed upon them.

Leaders empower their people. They build up and don’t miss an opportunity to recognize the big and small accomplishments. They realize that people’s need for recognition is often more powerful than money. They realize that in our society, it is more common for a person to criticize than to be built up. A leader will exercise constructive criticism in private and will practice public praise. A leader also allows their people the opportunity to do the work, make the mistakes and accomplish the task. A leader can teach, correct and encourage, but if they are always the one doing they’re not leaders, they’re doers. Let your people become leaders.

A great leader communicates.

An open line of communication is one of the best ways to have people want to follow you. This communication must go both ways. Speaking and listening are essential to great leadership. Asking the right questions and listening carefully for the words and the meaning is essential for effective leadership. Being sincere, present and “in the moment” with your people will not only honor that person, but it will also be one of the most effective things that you can do. Try it with your spouse and children and see what an effect it has on your relationship with them.

Embrace change. It is the one constant you can count on.

When you aggressively embrace change you will see that it can be used as a strategic advantage for you and your team. Embrace it; don’t fear it and it will come to your aid, especially when it comes to developing your vision.

A great leader is enthusiastic.

No one will follow a leader that is always down in the dumps. No one wants to be dragged down; people want to be lifted up. They want to be around happy people, people that they want to be. Enthusiasm often times will mean the difference between success and failure in a project. A bold, enthusiastic leader is one that people are willing to follow.

Leadership comes from a dedication to personal growth.

I am proud of the many contributors, trainers, authors, industry leaders and dedicated staff who have taken the leadership role in to generously share their talents to insure a path of personal growth for all of us that are on this journey of developing a leadership skill set. I also applaud all of you who find yourself on this journey. Enjoy the process today whether you’re just starting or you’ve been traveling this path for years! Aim high! George Madiou


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