The Defining Moment by John Milton Fogg

John Milton FoggNetwork Marketing – An unlimited income stream where the money you make is directly proportional to the amount you grow Ken Dunn was born and raised in Halifax, Nova Scotia. His dad was a career officer in the Canadian Navy who had enlisted when he was 17, served time in Korea and then in both parts of the Gulf War. Ken’s dad would be away serving at sea for most of the year. Ken has learned to be a very positive guy, so he says things like “he didn’t really have the finer things in life as a kid” and that “he wasn’t born with a silver spoon.” But if you push him on the subject you’ll learn he was poor and he hated it. That’s important, because it’s been a driving force for Ken his entire adult life. Tired of hand-me-downs and beat up shoes when he was a young teenager, Ken created what he called the “Exchange Program.” He’d walk into the department store wearing his worn out sneakers, try on a brand new pair of Converse high tops, walk around a bit to make sure they fit, then he’d walk out the door leaving his old pair under the chair. NULL

Once after doing an “exchange,” he was stopped by security. Ken was ushered into the guard’s office, ordered to sit down, and the officer told him that he’d been watching Ken and he knew he had stolen some watches. The guard called Ken’s father. Ken’s father, being both a naval officer and a dad, was none too pleased that his son was accused of being a thief. But it became clear pretty quickly that Ken didn’t steal any watches, and he and his dad left the store— Ken wearing his new “exchanged” sneakers. In his high school yearbook, some friends wrote under Ken’s picture:

“Most likely to end up in jail.”

And he did, but not the way you may think. At a job fair in his senior year of high school, Ken spoke with a recruiter from the Halifax police. He was very interested, but the officer told Ken to come back in a couple of years. He had to be 21. Right next to the police was a booth for the Canadian armed forces. The recruiter had overheard Ken’s conversation and asked, “Would you think about the military police?” Ken would. He enlisted. That was the beginning of a 15-year long career in law enforcement. Ken was a detective. He investigated murders, robberies, drug trafficking and worked on a variety of SWAT (Special Weapons and Tactics) teams performing high-risk operations that fell outside the abilities of regular officers. Ken was good at his job and enjoyed police work, and he learned a number of skills that would serve him well over the years. Having to testify thousands of times in court honed Ken’s organizational skills and taught him to be top-notch communicator. He also sharpened his instincts and intuition and became a quick and perceptive judge of people.

Ken developed laser focus, determination and a bias for action.

All good things. But there were other qualities that were not so good. Police detectives have to be in control at all times. Their own lives and other people’s lives depend on it. And Ken became pretty strong in that department. Seeing all that pain, suffering and death so often, and so close-up, left Ken jaded— not without compassion, but hardened. He was compelled by his work to become manipulative and dominating. And it follows, that he also developed quite an ego. Finally, after 15 years of policing, Ken’s son was born and he wanted out. He started looking to find something that he could do to really have the type of life he wanted for himself and his family. While still on the force, he got involved in a number of business ventures on the side— from importing silver Mexican jewelry to mortgage financing. Ken started three different enterprises from scratch and all part-time. Each one became a million-dollar business. Ken clearly had “The Touch.” Ken’s involvement with Network Marketing began with his best mortgage client and friend, John, a real estate man who consistently sent Ken $80,000 of referral business a month. He asked Ken to take a look, but Ken didn’t really need to. He said, “Sure,” and signed up right away, even though he had a no-to-low opinion of Network Marketing. Given Ken’s drive and skills, it’s no surprise he took off like a rocket. He made $2,400 his first month, and $10,000 his fourth month.

By Christmas of that year, Ken was at $25,000 in monthly earnings. That’s when the roof caved in.

He worked hard and built fast. It was really amazing to watch. But remember those “not so good” qualities Ken had developed along with his strengths? They finally came round full-circle. On Christmas Eve, Ken’s two top leaders arrived at his door, presumably, Ken thought, bearing gifts. But that was not their intention. They’d come to tell Ken they were quitting. Why? They couldn’t take it anymore and the “it” was Ken. He was, they told him, a manipulative, dictatorial, controlaholic and they were fed up with him alienating their people $25,000 became $2000 in less than two weeks. Ken’s Networking organization was dead. Ken did not “take it like a man.” The tough cop shut himself in his office and cried. He honestly didn’t have a clue what to do. But he did know one thing: He had to change. Fast. Starting right now. Or Network Marketing was over for him. True to his nature, that’s what he did. Ken threw himself into his reinvention with the same drive and passion he does most things. Though it was unfamiliar territory, he dug in, drilled down, and, by studying the “Inspirational World Leaders” he admired most, Ken began a concerted effort to adopt their best qualities of character and make them his own.

Ken Dunn could build a business blind-folded with one hand tied behind his back, sound asleep. His personal reinvention took more effort.

Ken realized all those folks in his group were gone and he was going to have to recruit all new people, so he did. He sponsored 10 new people in that first month and then doubled that. About six months later his income was already back up to $10,000. Ken learned a valuable lesson. “Each and every one of us is going to go through tough stuff. We’re going to have days we just want to give up,” Ken says. “I realized that whatever happens to you is day/date stamped. It’s in the past. The person you sign up the next day has no idea that your business went sideways, that your company didn’t ship its product on time, that a bunch of people got slowed down and off track because some commission checks were late, or whatever the situation was.” “When you go to bed at night, the day is done,” Ken said. “So leave all the negative things behind. Don’t even mention them. Those new people that come into your life that next day and onwards, they’ll never know about it unless you tell them. And why would you?” What makes Ken a Greatest Networker? First and foremost, he’s never stopped trying to get better at prospecting— never stopped recruiting. Even today, he’s always constantly trying to get better. What Ken knows for a fact is that in terms of recruiting and prospecting, people only join the business because…

They know you, like you, and trust you.

“Unfortunately,” Ken says, “most people make an opinion of another person within the first five minutes of an interaction. So, you always have to be working on having the best first impression you can. That includes your physical fitness, your health and wellness, your mental clarity, and your ability to connect with people and create rapport.” So Ken studies those things like a science. What does it take to be a million-dollar annual income earner? By now you know Ken’s not going to candy-coat his answer for you. “Listen,” he said. “I’ve excelled at the highest levels in Network Marketing. I’ve traveled in 40 countries. I’ve had over 300,000 people in my downlines and made millions of dollars.”

“What I know
is that it is unadulterated hard work.”

“What’s been a fortunate experience for me,” Ken says, “is that I’ve had success in three other businesses outside of Network Marketing. The farther along the road I’ve gotten in this business, the more I realize that it is absolutely no different than success in any business. There’s not one single person on this planet who started at ground zero and built significance in any industry who will tell you it was easy.” “It takes a lot of work,” Ken says. “Real blood, sweat, and tears. It takes guts and determination. It takes a real laser sharp focus on you developing the best you that you can be. And that is NOT just lip service. That’s the truth.” “There’s this real consciousness on creating the right image for those around you to aspire to be like,” Ken says, “because you’re the example. You’re the leader. That takes internal work, developing the right ideals, the right values, the right goals. And that stuff’s not easy.” And on top of that, Ken points out, it’s about never giving up or backing off.

The top leaders in the world are the hardest workers.

“You’ve got to build it up before you can sit back and enjoy it,” Ken says. “It’s to the victor comes the spoils. That’s the guy who has won the war. Until then, it’s a dogfight. You’ve got to put the effort in, the work in, the time in. You’ve got to be willing to sacrifice, and there’s no easy way around that.” And the pay-off is… “Network Marketing is a profession unlike any other on the planet,” Ken says. “It grabs you where you’re at and throws you into a place where you end up growing. It’s a cliché, but the biggest thing for me about Network Marketing is it’s helped me to grow, to become who I want to be. And it was through one of the biggest adversities in my life.” “It’s funny, I spent 15 years in murders, homicides and death, yet I’m saying the biggest adversity in my life was when a couple guys quit the Networking business and gave up on me.” “Working through that really was my defining moment. That’s when I realized that I needed to grow as a leader, and it’s where I fell in love with the study of leadership.”

“The size of my bonus checks, the growth and retention of my group, is directly related to the growing I do as an individual.”

That’s really what Network Marketing is for Ken: An unlimited income stream where the money you make is directly proportional to the amount you grow. And it’s become his life passion. ___________________________ From The Greatest Networkers in the World


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