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Jim BrittI found that you can never attract or accomplish more with the same personality, attitude and thinking that got you where you are right now. If I were to ask you if you wanted to make a difference in the world around you, you would probably answer with an emphatic YES!! But often I hear people say, “You know I don’t really have much influence on people. How can something that I do affect the world around me?”

The truth is that in building your network marketing business you come into contact with all kinds of people everyday and you do make a difference.

Just think about it for a minute. If you were in contact with maybe 5 people a day, and they each connected with 5 people a day, who in turn each connected with 5 people a day, and so on, wouldn’t you have a great impact on the world around you? The reality is that most people live their lives in sleepwalking mode not knowing or caring one way or the other. They get up. Take care of their obligations. Eat. Sleep. And start all over again the next day. NULL

They think that they have no effect on their environment or circumstances. I know because I used to live that way too. Seems so long ago now, but my life was once very different than it is today. I was unhappy, unfulfilled and unsuccessful financially. I would get up. Go to work for eight hours. Come home have a beer or two, a bite to eat, watch some television, go to bed and sleep for six or so hours and get up the next day and do it again. Then by chance one evening I was introduced to the network marketing industry. The very next day I found myself in a business of my own. Up until that time I had pretty much been told what to do all my life. “If you work eight hours a day five days a week I’ll give you a paycheck on Friday.” “And if you stay long enough Ill give you a paid vacation… and so on.

I learned very quickly that the person you become determines what you will attract into your business. I discovered very quickly that if I wanted a different result I had to become someone different.

Take a look at any of the top achievers in the network marketing. These four are multi-millionaires. Sandi was a farmer, Jim a school teacher, John a college student and Jim a photographer to name a few, all had to become someone different to achieve the level of success they have attained. I found that you can never attract or accomplish more with the same personality, attitude and thinking that got you where you are right now. There several important steps to accomplishing more in your business.

  1. Deciding exactly what it is you want in life and in your business.
  2. Create a daily plan of action.
  3. Take action.
  4. Decide what it is that you need to change about yourself to get you from where you are now to where you want to go.

The first step is the decision. Without that nothing works. Most decisions however don’t warrant action plans. For instance, you don’t have to develop a series of action steps to figure out how to get to the movie you’ve decided to see. You don’t need an action plan to purchase that new Flat Screen TV you’ve decided to buy, but a plan might help you to decide which TV to buy, where to buy it, and how to get the best price. Most day-to-day decisions don’t need action plans, the more complex or important the decision, the more an action plan becomes a useful tool. There are some decisions however that absolutely requires a carefully developed action plan, like the decision to start and build a successful network marketing business. Separate the Action from the Decision Remember, the action plan follows the decision.

The plan is the process that brings the decision into reality, but it’s not the decision making itself.

Just because you write something down on your plan doesn’t mean you will accomplish it. A firm decision comes first. For instance, you may have decided to sell your home in Texas, move to California, and buy a new home. Your action plan will determine the steps you take to sell your home, locate another, and move, but the decision to move came first. Your plan follows the decision. A clear plan provides a way to think through, map out a solution, and identify the things that have to happen to make your dream a reality. An action plan is built on at least four things: Understanding the problem you want to solve. This is more than simply knowing you have a decision you want to implement, a problem you want to solve, or a need you want to meet.

It means having a sense of the causes of the problem or the situation you want to change. It’s the “why” you want to solve or change it that’s important.

Set a goal. What do you actually want to accomplish? How will you know you’ve fixed the problem or met the need? “I am making $3,000 a month currently and my goal is to reach $5,000 by October.” Action steps. What will you actually do to address the situation? With a goal of building your business, for instance, steps might include making a prospect list, deciding how much time, energy and money you are willing to invest to build your business, reaching certain income levels, and discussing your plans with other family members. A second set of steps in this same scenario will involve how and when you implement your new plan, and an on-going discussion with other family members who may be affected by the changes. The basic idea is that there are clear things you have to do to get your plan off the drawing board and into reality. As you think about putting the steps into action, it’s important to also consider what sort of help you can draw on, what resources are realistically available and what personal obstacles must be overcome, which brings up my next point. A plan for your own development.

In order to break through your current circumstances to the next level you have to focus. When faced with a fear you have to learn to let it go and move past it, realizing that each fear encountered and conquered is another step in your personal development.

And the great thing about our type of business is that most all personal development comes from contact with other people. So if you want to grow fast, simply talk to more people… faster. And always remember that you miss 100% of the prospects that you don’t talk to. And you also miss 100% of the personal growth each experience will offer. I remember the day I signed up in my new business. I was focused, determined and willing to confront my fears, which were many, head on. And from that day forward I cut my own path in life instead of doing what others or society expected of me. I started going to training over and over, listening to different people, sifting through information, talking to people and making lots of mistakes along the way. But with each encounter, with each mistake I always and still do today, ask myself, “How did I do it, and how could I have done it better?”

I wanted to learn from my successes and my failings. I wanted to know how I was coming across to the people I encountered, because intuitively I knew that people bought me first. If your prospect doesn’t buy you, they will never buy your product or join your business.

Those I left behind in the factory and some family members predicted my failure. They were all a part of my development and part of what drove me toward success. I made a decision that didn’t allow for retreat! No one and nothing they could say was going to stop me! Perhaps the most important realization that an individual can make in their quest for personal growth is that there is no single formula that defines the path to personal success. We all have different goals and priorities, which mean that different activities and attitudes will make us feel good or bad about ourselves but all have they potential to move us to the next level or keep us stuck where we are. In my opi
nion, network marketing provides the very best vehicle for personal growth and financial success for the average individual. We also have different natural strengths and weaknesses that are a part of our inherent personality type and we have a different idea of what it means to be successful. Self-knowledge, knowing how you come across to others, is one common goal that will help everyone achieve greater personal success. Ask yourself, “What do I need to change about myself to get where I want to go? What skills do I need to develop to become more attractive to others? What sort of person do I have to become to attract the type of people I want to grow my business?” So many people are hung up on somebody else’s idea of what it means to be successful, and they are unaware of what is truly important to them. If you spend your time and effort trying to meet somebody else’s idea of success, and ignore or belittle any conflicting messages from your own psyche, then you will find yourself exhausted, unhappy, driving people away instead of attracting them and lacking the success that is available to you. Another important key to influencing others is that you must also recognize that other people’s value systems are no less important than your own. And you must recognize and accept that we live in a society in which certain personality types and behaviors are more suited towards particular points of view, so you must learn to speak their language, learn what’s important to others.

As you learn about your own personality and the personalities of others, you will become empowered with an understanding of why people react differently in different situations and understand people’s behaviors that are different from yours.

These insights will be extremely useful and powerful to you as an individual when building your business. We need to recognize that we all have weaknesses, but we should use that knowledge to conquer those weaknesses rather than using it as an excuse for poor performance. We cannot be responsible for other people’s behavior, but we can control our own.


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