The DNA of Commitment by Jack Zufelt

Jack ZufeltThe definition of commitment is this: Doing what you said you would do long after the mood you said it in has left you. Some people have the commitment, the drive and the discipline to achieve things while others seem to lack these three attributes causing them to experience mediocrity or outright failure. These committed, driven disciplined people find a way to do what needs doing and then they do it. And they don’t quit until they get desired results. They don’t let their past or their personal circumstances keep them away from doing what needs to be done. They have an indomitable spirit. People like this are envied. If that is the kind of person you want to be then you must learn the source of commitment so you can plug into it any time you want!

The definition of commitment is this: Doing what you said you would do long after the mood you said it in has left you. If that is true, and it is, then where does commitment come from and how can you get more of it?

 NULL Some people think that they lack the will power to give them the necessary; that commitment comes from will power. But it is the exact opposite. Besides will power is worthless if your heart is set on something else. Albert Einstein once said: “When imagination is pitted against willpower, willpower loses.” Einstein’s quote holds the first clue as to where commitment comes from. Other, more obvious clues are found in these quotes: “It seems that intense desire creates not only its own opportunities but its own talent .” Eric Hoffer “Ignore what a man desires and you ignore the very source of his power.” Walter Lippman “The first principal of success is desire. If you care enough for a result, you will most certainly get it.” Robert Collier

A Core Desire is a genuine, not surface, but a deep-seated, intense longing that pierces you to the very core of your being. A core desire is something you want with ALL your heart. You’re not half-hearted (50%) or eighty percent about it. Only this kind of a deep, heartfelt desire can cause you to put forth the necessary effort, for as long as it takes to make that Core Desire become a reality.

If need be, you will willingly do things that are out of your comfort zone. You will not buckle or give up even when you are facing seemingly insurmountable obstacles. Talk about commitment! That’s where it comes from! Core Desires are not mere wishes. Core Desires aren’t dreams. A Core Desire isn’t a hope. It isn’t a “should” or an “ought to”. It isn’t even a “need to”. Core Desires are gut wrenching, deep and absolute. We all have many Core Desires in every area of life. In creating results, your Core Desires reign supreme.

Core Desires automatically give you the commitment, discipline and enthusiasm needed to achieve high levels of success…in anything. Including building a large down line.

When you want something this badly, when you desire something with ALL your heart then something wonderful happens! You automatically plug into a power that is sitting deep within you. I call it the Conquering Force. You know when you have tapped into your Conquering Force because you’ll feel alert and alive… excited about your life. You’ll feel in charge of what you’re doing. You will be enjoying the path, the journey you are on. You’ll have a feeling of well-being. You’ll have the sense that you are accomplishing. You’ll find you aren’t putting yourself down. You’ll be happy even though life sometimes is hard and throws a curve at you now and then. Then and only then do total commitment one hundred percent drive and all the necessary discipline needed come into play and stay there. Once you accomplish what you set out to do, most certainly you’ll be surrounded by both tangible and intangible evidence that you have unleashed your Conquering Force to achieve one or more of your Core Desires. The Conquering Force works equally well in obtaining both tangibles and intangibles. I’m sure if you thought about it, you can remember many times when you employed its wonderful powers to get what you wanted. It’s just that you didn’t know it had a name. Now you know it does. And it automatically gives you the commitment to do or become whatever it takes.

Some would call it determination when a person doesn’t give up. It is but where does that determination come from? Core Desires. Others would say it is dedication or commitment. I say that Core Desires are the sole source of both of these elements, which are critical for success. If it is not a Core Desire you won’t be very committed or dedicated. Some would identify it as a relentless pursuit. I say you won’t pursue something relentlessly unless it is “worth it”, i.e. a Core Desire.

Once you learn to unleash the power of your Conquering Force by drilling down to the Core Desires in all areas of your life, you will find your life filled with more success; more joy and satisfaction… and balance. Notice I said learn. Tapping into your Conquering Force happens automatically when you learn to correctly identify your Core Desires. I go into how to do that in much greater detail on my audio program titled How To Use The Conquering Force Within You available at Commitment is very important and it only comes from Core desires. Jack M. Zufelt – “Mentor To Millions” and MLM Expert


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