The Essential Elements of Network Marketing Leadership by Dr. Joe Rubino

Joe_RubinoFive components critical to effective leadership  As Network Marketing leaders, let’s examine some components critical to effective leadership. 1. At the foundation of any decision to lead lies a clear and compelling vision. Your vision as a successful Network Marketing leader will encompass every aspect of your life and business. It will include a clear and motivating representation of the person you have decided to be. It will honor your most important values and reflect the manifestation of your life purpose as you share your unique gifts with the world. When you live your vision, your days will be spent doing those things that are in alignment with living a life of choice. As a result, you will manifest those things into reality that result from living and accomplishing the ideals most important to you.

Your vision will both serve to motivate you to overcome all challenges and do what’s necessary to achieve the level of success you desire.

 NULL Powerful visions are most effective when shared and spoken at every possible opportunity. By speaking your vision, you will inspire others to want to join you in its accomplishment. Moved by your example, you will also inspire many to create visions of their own. Your life will become an example of how a positive expectation can empower others to achieve breakthrough results in their Network Marketing businesses and in their lives. As a Network Marketing leader, you will become proficient in showing people how to think outside the box to manifest great possibilities in their lives. As you incorporate vision work into your basic training, you will be sharing a gift that has the power to empower and transform lives marked by resignation and suffering. You will inspire others to pursue their dreams with a newfound hope and expectation of success. More importantly, by teaching others to teach others to design lives that work optimally, you’ll be duplicating the gift of empowerment and contributing the tools that form a successful foundation of accomplishment and leadership. Leadership Exercise: Write out in vivid detail what your expectations for leadership in your business will look like. 2. Leaders execute bold action plans that move their businesses and lives in a forward manner. Visions without action are not really visions after all; they are wishful hopes void of the power of commitment and positive expectation. Leaders take responsibility for manifesting their visions by formulating specific, detailed and grounded action plans that will bring them about. They continually evaluate whether their actions are sufficient in quantity and effective enough in quality to make their visions come true. Network Marketing leaders are well served to evaluate the efficacy of their actions on a weekly basis and make the adjustments necessary to realize their goals.

They realize that in order to inspire others and generate a result, their actions must be consistent over time and persistent in frequency to insure the results desired.

Successful Networking leaders know their enrollment ratios; that is they know how many prospects they will need to speak with, on average, in order to identify and develop an on-fire, do whatever it takes leader. They execute a long-term daily action commit to speak with a minimum number of prospects about their business every day so that, based upon their success ratios, they will bring about the number of new leaders necessary to build a business dynasty. Leadership Exercise: What specific daily action commitment will you undertake for the next 90 days? What actions are necessary for you to experience a breakthrough in your business growth? 3. Leaders possess an unshakable belief in their ultimate success and in the success of those who join them in partnership and follow a grounded and detailed action plan. This belief comes across to others as infectious, enthusiastic and inevitable.

True leaders possess the ability to inspire this certainty of future accomplishment to their prospects and team members.

They know and teach their partners that a positive expectation of success in building their Network Marketing Dynasties will generate sufficient self-motivation to manifest this inevitability into reality. They also know that the opposite is also true: when one expects to fail, this expectation generates self-sabotage and resignation, resulting in eventual failure and quitting. Either way, belief produces a self-fulfilling prophecy. Because of this knowledge, by virtue of their actions, leaders instill belief in the Network Marketing concept, their company, products, income opportunity and their own leadership abilities as well as those of their partners. Leadership Exercise: Identify any areas where your own belief level is inconsistent with building a Network Marketing Dynasty. Consult with your coaches to put any missing elements into place to solidify your expectation of success. 4. The most effective Network Marketing leaders display a transparent authenticity and attitude of service that endears them to those who partner with them. Leaders walk their talk by demonstrating that their actions are consistent with their promises. They build trust and credibility as they prove they can be counted upon by demonstrating their commitment time and again to the success of their partners. Effective Network Marketing leaders avoid hype, arrogance and domination in exchange for sincerity, genuine humility and a commitment to champion and serve others. They know that projecting a false façade diminishes their personal effectiveness and ability to manifest their intended results on an organizational basis. They work on listening to others, always looking for ways to impact their ability to achieve their desired levels of success en route to realizing their dreams. Leadership Exercise: How does your own leadership style limit your personal effectiveness? What qualities will you seek to develop to enhance your ability to impact others? 5. Successful Network Marketing leaders duplicate themselves by empowering others to step into a leadership role at every opportunity. They make others great, never small through manipulation or condescension. They do this through making powerful requests that have others step into new possibilities that they may not have previously seen for themselves, always stretching them to grow outside their comfort zones.

Effective leaders become proficient at the art of acknowledgment, always on the lookout to catch others doing something right.

They realize that their own success depends upon their ability to champion up and coming partners to become even more effective and impactful leaders than they are. They know that there are no shortage of opportunities to build leadership and are ever vigilant for ways to take a step aside out of the limelight in order to support another person to shine and gain recognition. Leadership Exercise: Take on the art of empowering your leaders to greatness. Make at least one request and offer at least one sincere acknowledgment on a daily basis with this objective in mind.


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