The Financial Physics of Momentum by Kauri Thompson

Kauri ThompsonFour Tips on Moving into Mass Momentum starting TODAY!  If you’re going to make money, you must create momentum first. Once you understand what momentum is and how to create and sustain it, success is only a matter of time.

Momentum (=Mass+Velocity)

Momentum occurs when mass and velocity combine. In the financial physics of momentum, money always follows momentum. This is the rule of law, not the exception. How is Momentum created? I was recently asked by a company executive “How do we create momentum?” My reply, create a product or service that…

1.Everybody wants, 2.Everybody needs 3. At a price that everyone can afford.

NULL The better a company can identify with all 3 components, the more momentum they will create. Companies that do all 3 reach “All Star” status and break industry records. Companies who may only provide 1 or 2 of these can still have major success, but if you want fast, massive momentum you must have something that appeals to the masses. Traditional Business and Momentum, the curse of multiple moving parts. How many traditional businesses today have momentum? -very, very few. This is evident in the record numbers of lay-offs, unemployment, stock market conditions, home sales, retail sales etc… In traditional business there are multiple moving parts like merchandising, shipping, staff, training, insurance, rent, maintenance etc. Getting these parts moving requires a lot of time and capital. Many businesses cannot survive long enough to succeed. If any of these moving parts begin to slow, the business owner must work at a feverish rate to keep momentum going, in order to keep the money flowing. To do this he/she may have to cut the advertising budget, reduce operating hours and eventually even lay off employees to try and save the business.

In traditional business moving parts consume momentum, not produce it.

Why MLM and Direct-Sales Make Sense In both of these verticals, the majority of moving parts are provided for by the company. This means that momentum is easier for you to start and sustain because the only moving part is you. This gives you the ability to move as quickly as you desire. Tips on Moving into Mass Momentum 1. Select an Opportunity with Massive Potential If you belong to an opportunity with only one or two of the three components, expect opportunities with all three components to out-run you. Not all opportunities are created equally. 2. Throw Away the List I’ve seen distributors frustrated because potential business partners won’t return calls or attend meetings. If your warm or cold market list is giving you fits, take my advice and throw the list in the trashcan.

Momentum cannot be achieved if we allow the same individuals power over our success.

I suggest that you take a piece of clean white paper and a pen or pencil and put it on your desk or burro and let it sit there. During the week, new names will come into your mind and you will write them down. This is your new list. Your mind will seek inspiration as well as allow the creative process to begin 3. Desire Money and the Good you can do with it. Remember, Money always follows momentum. If you have hang-ups about having money, you will not attract it into your life. I have seen distributors with self-doubt sabotage their own efforts because of their belief that money was somehow bad. Money feeds the sick, and shelters the homeless. 4. Ride the Momentum created by your company Take advantage of the fact that you are free to do one thing: Sponsor/Sell.

Let the company keep the moving parts of your business moving, allowing you to focus on growth.

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