The “Get some new, hot leads” scam by Tom “Big Al” Schreiter

TomSchreiterUnless you learn the skills of getting your message inside your prospect’s brain, you message will be wasted on deaf ears. You talk to all your relatives and they say “no” – and you talk to all of your friends, and they weren’t interested. So what do you do next? You look for some hot leads. You run an ad, you create new contacts on Facebook, and you buy leads. And what happens? All the people who answer your ad were looking for a job. The new Facebook contacts just want to sign you in to their program. And those exclusive hot leads you bought? They hung up because you were the 15th person who pitched them this week. You’ve been scammed. Your sponsor never told you the real truth about network marketing.

You see, if your friends and relatives hated what you said to them, then strangers aren’t going to like it any better!

You don’t need new people to ruin. NULL

You need to fix what you say to people. Ouch. Ouch. Ouch. So ask yourself, “What is the first sentence out of my mouth when I introduce my business or product into the conversation?” Go ahead, write down your first sentence word-for-word. Most people can’t do this. They quickly change the subject and just continue making up stuff every time they talk to a new prospect. So if you couldn’t write down exactly word-for-word what to say to introduce your business or product into the conversation, what are you going to do? Are you going to tell your new distributors to guess or think up of something that might work?

Are you going to replace your new distributors every six months because you refuse to give them a successful first sentence to say? How can you expect duplication to occur if you won’t give them something successful to duplicate?

So will you invest the time, money and energy to learn the skills of talking to people so that they believe the good things you say? Or will you say to yourself, “Oh no, that’s too hard. I’ll just run some more ads, waste more time on Facebook, and buy more leads – and hope I get lucky.” You see, it doesn’t matter where you get the prospect to talk to, you will still have to talk to that prospect. And unless you learn the skills of getting your message inside your prospect’s brain, you message will be wasted on deaf ears. You are already saying great stuff about your company, your products, and your opportunity. But, your prospect doesn’t believe you. You have to learn the skills of getting your great information inside of your prospect’s head. Pros know this. They master the skills of talking to people. So where do you start? You start by mastering your first sentence. This is called the “Ice Breaker” skill. If you don’t have a successful first sentence now, and if your sponsor refuses to give you a successful word-for-word first sentence now, then it is up to you to take personal responsibility and learn how to do this immediately.


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