The Greatest Gift is Mentoring by David Feinstein

DavidLFeinsteinxOne of the best MLM resources available to anyone in the MLM industry is a mentor. One of the best MLM resources available to anyone in the MLM industry is a mentor. These MLM resources should be available to you and to your downline. A mentor is like a baseball or football coach, they are there to guide the team to success. There may be pitfalls on the golden road but the power of the mentor goes beyond the value of money and materialistic objects. These types of MLM resources are very hard to replace. Mentors come in various sizes and walks of life but their experience and knowledge is only one key to the door. There are times when you may need to ask for advice and the coach or leader should be there to help. These people may have walked similar paths to you and have experienced the lows; they are here to share in the good and bad times. NULL

Talk to them about your business; see what kind of insights they may have to offer. They may have five, 10 or 20 years under their belt but they have stayed in the loop by expanding into new areas with their education. They may be able to point you in the right direction to fixing a problem in your business.

As you progress in the MLM business, you should coach your junior members. Your experience and wisdom gained from success and errors may help save others from making the same mistakes.

There may be times, when you may get a late night phone call from a junior member. They may be having trouble with a conversion, presentation, etc. They may need your advice to overcome a difficult situation. This is a great moment to display some leadership traits and to encourage them.

Your ability to mentor will improve over time, just like learning to operate a new phone or laptop. You just need a little practice.

If you are having trouble mentoring or coaching a fellow member, you can also ask your coach for assistance. Be open and honest with those who seek your wisdom, if you don’t know something, tell them. You can always let them know; you can research the information and provide it to them later. Show your talents as a leader by setting the right standards among your peers. As you grow as a coach, you will learn from your mistakes and it will show as you help your understudies achieve their maximum potential. Later down the road, you can help train a new coach and provide your valuable insights and experiences as a new mentor. This cycle of events could help build up your company’s business, retain members, recruit new members and to solidify your leadership among the community. As a leader, you know about the sacrifices and time commitments. You are capable of performing as mentor; your coach knew this a lot time ago. Your confidence will grow with time and it will as you handle problems and help those in your downline.

Reinforce your knowledge constantly educating yourself on the latest trends, techniques and mentoring seminars.



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