The Hare or the Tortoise? You Choose! by Michael Oliver

Michael OliverThe most successful Distributors I know who use Natural Selling spend what ever time it takes. They go at the speed of the other person.  This challenge surfaced recently from a “Natural Speaking” reader which I find is a common dilemma… The group I work in… led by a very personable and successful leader… uses post-mailing brochures to generate leads. The idea is more leads and subsequently more calls in a night brings more “Yeses”. Your dialogue is great but would be time-consuming on the phone preventing a larger number of calls per night. How do you adapt your approach in a shortened version? Note – we are encouraged to keep a call to under 5 minutes as much as possible and within three if we can. I have 2 hours per night available for calls with an aim of a minimum of 20 fresh calls….10 follow-up calls.

This is a typical example of the “You’ve got to do it in 3 minutes” type of training that takes a lot of time and effort, and yields very poor results for most Distributors! That is why this type of selling (conventional selling) is called a “numbers game”.

 NULL This standard approach also turns selling into a lottery, plowing through as many people as you can until you get a hit! Like the lottery, the odds are not that great, and when people do join… they don’t usually stay! It also upsets most potential partners because they don’t like being “churned” that way, which is one of the reasons why MLM gets a bad rap! Your Objective? Think about what you’re looking to achieve. Is it to get through all your leads as quickly as you can? Or is it to find the right person to join your team by spending some quality time to discover… What they want Why they want it Their level of desire to do something about it?

For me it’s the latter! It’s a conversation! Two people talking with each other with you being present with the other person to make a real connection.

Quality Not Numbers Natural Selling is about quality of the dialogue first and the numbers second. Yes you must talk with people. However, you may find you will be talking with less people and getting better results more quickly by taking just a little more time with each one. The question is… where do you want to spend the time? On the “front end'” (the Natural Selling way) having meaningful conversations, creating relationships while genuinely qualifying them so that you both know they will do what they say they will do. Or on the “back end” (conventional selling) being frustrated because you’re spending loads of time constantly having to persuade them to do what they said they would do but are not doing because the only reason they said “Yes” was because you convinced them and they didn’t convince themselves it was a good idea? The second way ends up being a vicious circuitous circle. It might be a good time to remind ourselves of the fable about the race between the Hare and the Tortoise! Who won? And keep this in mind. If you only find one person a month, who joins you for the right reasons, and that person is prepared to do what is necessary to change their circumstances, and each person did the same thing and so on, all within the same 12-month period, how many distributors would you have on your team at the end of the year? 4,096! That’s 4,096 motivated distributors doing the right things for the right reasons.

No right or wrong – it just comes down to personal choice and how YOU feel about what you’re doing? If you feel good – you’ll do it and get good results.

It’s also a matter of whether you want to follow your own truth (what you feel is correct for you) or accept the truth of others without question. The most successful Distributors I know who use Natural Selling spend what ever time it takes. They go at the speed of the other person. They spend their time moving the dialogue along to discover the three things I mentioned earlier. And with those they feel are best qualified… they make a fortune! After all, the person you’re calling has their history. They know how they feel about their current situation. Ask and give them time to talk about it and they will tell all… including their level of commitment. It might take 3 minutes or 30 minutes. It all depends on whether you want to focus on their needs or your need to get through all your leads as quickly as you can! So, focus on, and solve, their needs and you’ll also make a fortune while having an abundance of associates for life!


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