The Importance of Communicating Effectively by Josh Liteky

Josh LitekyA simple and genuine smile will communicate more than any words ever can.  In our industry, effective communication is essential, and affects everything we do. Efficient communication with our own team, with our company, with our up-lines, and most importantly with our prospects is something we need to continue to refine and master as we progress in our business. In the beginning, picking up that phone and talking to people can be a formidable challenge for a lot of people. We have all experienced this at some point in our career… you know, where the phone weighs 1000 pounds and the words don’t come out, or you are reading a script and you sound like a robot? Yep, you know what I am talking about! Since this article is all about effective communication, here are some tips and tricks to help you communicate much more effectively and efficiently to help you maximize your own time and bottom line. NULL

First and foremost, your time is your most valuable asset, and if you protect it as such, how well and efficiently you communicate becomes very important. These principles can be applied to every area of your business to boost your productivity and overall success. SAY LESS AND ACCOMPLISH MORE. Learn to say what you need to say in as few words as possible. If you are a rambler, 95% of the time you can get to the point in many less words.

When communicating with prospects, get to the point of the conversation very quickly, without being pushy.

Ask very focused questions, and listen intently, but if your prospects start to go on and on about this or that, bring them back to the question you asked as quickly as possible. Remember, its about POSTURE. YOU are the leader they are looking for, communicate accordingly. It’s ok to interrupt them if necessary… but do this without being rude, of course. When it comes to the tire kickers, you can figure out very quickly if they are someone you want to work with or not. Don’t be afraid to say abruptly, “You know John, this may not be the right business for you, I wish you all success, gotta go, bye.” GIVE GIVE GIVE. If we always come from a place of giving the best of ourselves and adding value with all of our communications, it will come back to us many fold. We can do this very efficiently and effectively, especially as we continually “sharpen our axes” with our own on-going training and success. By helping our team become more successful, we become more successful.

Powerful communication is an art that takes time to develop. If we always come from a place of giving and are open to receiving, it’s a win-win for everyone.

POWERFUL EXTERNAL COMMUNICATION COMES FROM POWERFUL INTERNAL COMMUNICATION: We cannot get away from the communication that is going on in our own heads. Because this has a profound effect on how we communicate when we open our mouths we need to be vigilant as to what we keep telling ourselves over and over in our own minds. It will show up in all of our verbal and non-verbal communication. Love yourself, think highly of your own potential and ability to be most effective in all of your communication. LEARN THE ART OF BATCHING: All top producers have one thing in common, they lump together their communications into “batches”; meaning they will set aside certain times a day/week to do all of their emails, calls, and other ongoing communication responsibilities. It takes away all of your time if you are constantly answering every single call, responding to every email as it comes in, doing all the different things in your business in a random way. If you batch similar activities together in groups and do them all at once and schedule times during the week for each specific activity, you will find you become much more productive. (Look up “Four Hour Work Week by Tim Ferriss for tips on this) PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE: There is no short cut for this one. There are countless ways to improve your communication skills, but there is no substitute for good-old fashioned practice. Talk to yourself in the mirror. Read out loud. Practice reading the scripts over and over. Be natural. Be confident. Be yourself. The more you communicate your message to the more people, the better you get, and the more efficient you will become. Get out of your comfort zone as much as you can. Talk to new people. Don’t be afraid, just do it and ask questions later! The bottom line is this:

Effective communication is the foundation to our business, from networking to training and everything in between. As we continually improve all of our abilities and performance, our communication skills will follow suit.

If you forget everything else here, just remember this: live with a smile in your heart and everything you communicate will be much more fulfilling and impactful. A simple and genuine smile will communicate more than any words ever can.


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