The Inspiration Factor by Chris Widener

Chris WidenerThis week: INSPIRE!  The first thing that an aspiring leader must realize is that they must be inspiring! That is, they must be capable of, and willing to inspire people on to greater things than if the leader were not in their lives.   So, is this too grandiose an ideal for the average local business owner? Absolutely not. The people who work at your business, school or organization need to be inspired by you on a regular basis. It is what keeps them from giving up.

Remind them of the big picture

They aren’t just serving food, they are helping families spend time together, so make it enjoyable. They aren’t just changing oil, they are helping make sure a woman and her children don’t break down on the side of the road at night. They aren’t just teaching reading, they are helping open a mind to the mysteries of the world. They aren’t just selling gifts, they are helping people show their appreciation to others in a tangible way. NULL

This week: INSPIRE!



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