The Joy of Connecting® by Bonnie Ross-Parker

Bonnie Ross-ParkerLooking for a solution to your networking woes? The Joy of Connecting® is the answer.

Tired Of The Same ‘Ole Networking Chatter? Wish You Could Be Somewhere Else? Is Anyone Listening To What You Have To Say? Does Anyone Care?
Looking for a solution to your networking woes? The Joy of Connecting® is the answer. JOC is a customer acquisition program designed to strengthen and expand any female business. In today’s crowded marketplace, anything a woman can do to distinguish herself from any one else who provides the same service, puts her at a distinct advantage! How? After surveying hundreds of women nationwide as well as women who own a Joy of Connecting® license or attend as participants, certain challenges in the traditional networking arena were identified. The following list is representative of what women shared: NULL

1. It’s difficult to meet new people and create new relationships 2. Confusion over which event to attend that can provide the best result(s). 3. A lot of trial and error to find the right group. (expensive route!) 4. Women seem to focus more on men than other women at mixed gender networking events. 5. Finding time. (I know I have to network – Ugh!) 6. How do you find interested individuals for my product/service without wasting time? 7. It’s difficult for me to explain what I do in the typical 30 second – 1 minute commercial which is often the case at networking events. (In some situations, you don’t even have that opportunity – you mingle and then sit for a half hour to listen to the speaker!) 8. What do I do with all the cards I collect – especially when I don’t have any idea the level of interest if at all? 9. People are not quick to respond to what I have to say. (They are more interested in telling & selling their product/service to me!) 10. I put in a lot of time and effort and it’s often not reciprocated. (All those leads groups that get leads from me and I’m left empty handed!) 11. How do I get out of a bad conversation – one that is going no where without being rude? 12. Loyalty is hard to come by. People go for cheap instead of value. 13. I’m a little shy so I’m generally hesitant to call prospects. 14. How do I start a conversation with a stranger? (I’m not assertive) 15. Making the commitment to network is one of my biggest challenges. 16. How can I get existing customers to refer new business to me? (Is it ok to ask for referrals or do I just hope and pray it will happen?) 17. Is there a way I can locate potential clients who can specifically benefit from my product/service? (What is target marketing anyway?)

If I could offer you a customer acquisition program that eliminates objections and frustration, opens unlimited doors for connecting with others, builds your confidence, allows you to work more effectively and efficiently and get better bottom line results, establishes you as a leader in your community, gets others to pay you while you market to them, generate additional income AND make networking a joy instead of a chore, would you be interested? Of course you would! The Joy of Connecting® is a non-membership organization created by Bonnie Ross-Parker in August, 2002. Headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, its mission is to support women entrepreneurs, female business owners and other female professionals. Bonnie has expanded The Joy of Connecting® nationwide through the selling of licenses. The Joy of Connecting® gatherings give participants an opportunity to create relationships, foster personal and professional alliances in an environment that supports and honors who they are and what they do. Women love to support women who support them. Women love to share resources. When individuals strengthen and expand their relationships, their warm market increases. Let’s get real. It’s imperative for any business to be successful, it has to continually value its existing customers and expand its warm market. Why are you in business? The answer is not ‘to make money’. You are in business to acquire and maintain customers. Period. The Joy of Connecting® serves as a perfect solution to any business that needs to expand their database! The Joy of Connecting® provides a relaxed networking gathering that includes a light dinner or daytime brunch and is usually held in the licensee’s home. The Joy of Connecting® is a unique and innovate customer acquisition program that enables participants to build their business by bringing women together in a nurturing environment to connect with one another and eliminate the frustration, fear and rejection associated with building one’s business. Using this innovative program, licensees reach out to women in their community in a way that benefits not only the businesses of those who participate but their business as well. Let’s face it. Today’s marketplace is crowded and competitive. Everyone is scrambling for business. People are quick to shove their business card in your hand and believe that simply having their card will connect you with them and what they have to offer. It may work for some individuals. Focus on distributing business cards is not nearly as meaningful as being eager to offer your focus and support to someone else. When you take a different approach, you increase self-confidence, believe in your product or service and show genuine interest in helping other. While you value who you are and what you offer, recognize that your success in selling your products or service is directly linked to your ability to connect with others. You accomplish this by focusing on the needs of the women you meet. Your goal in any networking situation is to listen, to learn, to initiate and to find ways that you can bring your skills, ideas, resources and support to the women you meet. Want to know the easiest way to do this? Replace selling with inviting. It’s as simple as that. When you own a license for The Joy of Connecting® you invite women to attend a JOC event to share what they do with the other women who participate. Using the JOC model, you don’t sell anything at a traditional networking event. You invite, invite, invite! Sharing about your product/service takes place later – after everyone enjoys a meal together, shares with one another and connects. When you’re at the event, you simply ask the women you meet if they are interested in meeting other professional women for a dinner evening with networking. It’s the camaraderie that occurs during the course of the evening that will set the stage for you to share your business! Step #1: Invite. Step #2: Provide a great evening. Step #3: Set the stage. Then, you, as the JOC hostess, let participants know who you are, what you offer and how they can help you! Sound easy? Sound like something you can do? You bet. With the right program, the right training and the right tools, you can go from networking wallflower to networking diva. Send Out Cards is the perfect vehicle to maintain and acquire customers while The Joy of Connecting® is a innovative customer acquisition program to expand and strengthen business. Together, it’s a winning combination! Make a decision today to create more success tomorrow. What are you waiting for – another disappointing networking event? I hope not! For more information about becoming a JOC licensee, visit the website and fill out an online no obligation application at: Be sure to put__________________________ as the referring source. CEO/Founder, Bonnie Ross-Parker, can be reached in Atlanta at 770-333-7923 or via email at: [email protected]


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