The Joy Of Connecting by Bonnie Ross-Parker

Bonnie Ross-ParkerTHE Innovative Marketing Model for Women in Network Marketing The Joy of Connecting (JOC) THE Innovative Marketing Model for Women in Network Marketing! What is it?

1. A unique & innovative marketing program that enables you to build your business by bringing women together in a natural, female model, to network & build their businesses. 2. A tool to eliminate the frustration, fear & rejection associated with traditional networking venues. 3. A legitimate opportunity to reach out to women in your community in a way that benefits their business AND yours.

The Joy of Connecting is unique because it:

1. Is based on the science of conscious connecting and permission marketing. 2. Addresses women’s needs for relationship building, collaboration & community. 3. Provides a focused opportunity to listen, be heard and most importantly, be known. (3 minute spotlight for all participants) NULL 4. Is NOT about telling and selling. JOC is about caring and sharing. 5. Avoids traditional male marketing pitfalls – shortage of time, lack of attention, limited interest and interruption.

How does The Joy of Connecting work?

1. Women are invited to participate in an interactive opportunity to market themselves and their businesses in a focused, effective & inviting setting. 2. Participants are encouraged to share personal & professional challenges and needs with an intimate, supportive group of interested women. 3. Attendees exchange business cards & materials with the anticipation of furthering the relationships & bonds formed during the event. Every participant receives a personalized name tag and complete roster.

Why does Marketing with Heart work?

1. JOC brings together dynamic, talented, inspirational women one might otherwise miss or never meet. Because JOC is not a membership, there are always new relationships to be formed. 2. JOC is easy to market because it is built on the values of collaboration and uniting talents – it’s a win-win model. Women love cooperation and shared experiences. 3. JOC provides a relaxed, open and welcoming environment where participants are focused and engaged – where there is an open forum to respectfully market to one another. 4. Women are natural networkers unless thrown into the male model – competitive and interruptive (tell and sell). The Joy of Connecting is a marketing program based on a completely female model – permission! 5. JOC has created an environment where women bond while sharing. Women do business with women they value, trust and with whom they feel kinship and sisterhood.

Why The Joy of Connecting makes sense:

1. It’s anticipated – Women plan in advance to attend the event and look forward to getting together with other women to socialize and help one another expand business. It’s interesting, fun and rewarding. 2. It’s personal – Women create connections with others in a warm, focused and intimate environment. Events are generally in a woman’s home. 3. It’s relevant – Women relate to the products, services and ‘yes’ business challenges of other women. They care and willingly offer support. 4. It’s easy – Implementing The proven and effective JOC format is powerful, fun and works.

How can a license be yours?

1. Purchase a Joy of Connecting licensee for your respective community. 2. Commit to The JOC program, philosophy and guidelines. Go to and activate the link: Become a Licensee. There is no obligation. 3. Utilize all the marketing tools – e-books, audios, videos, printed literature, archived articles, newsletters and on line presence with your own profile page and link to your specific website(s). 4. Make a commitment to increase your personal/professional skills, to expand as a leader/go to person in your community, to support other like-minded business women. (Create additional revenue!) 5. Be excited anticipating a new and more effective way to mark the business you love by sharing up close and personal and giving other women the same opportunity.

What are your waiting for?

1. Don’t miss this powerful marketing program to build your business by becoming a leader of women in your community. 2. Establish credibility as someone who chooses to support other business women. 3. Fill out the online form to request an interview. There is no obligation and all relevant information will be disclosed verbally and in writing. 4. Get Up! Get Out! Get Going! The Joy of Connecting is an innovative & exciting customer acquisition/marketing program designed specifically with you in mind. Transform your life, your business and those of the women you meet who will join together because of your open heart and desire for mutual success.

Wishing you much success. Bonnie Ross-Parker CEO/Founder of The Joy of Connecting C: 770-333-7923 (Atlanta) H: 770-333-9028 [email protected]


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