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Chad BumgarnerWhere True Residual Income Is…  “Duplication is the key. If you’re not doing to your friends, what they can go do to their friends… your business will not grow to where you want it to. It’ll still be dependent on you 10 years from now!” I heard this statement over 5 years ago, when I first entered the world of Network Marketing! One of my mentors in this awesome industry, Robert Fason, said that on an audio I’ve listened to many times called, The Why Before the How! At the time, I was so new and green, I didn’t realize the simplicity of what he said. The main ingredient needed in this business is… people! We need lots and lots of people! It doesn’t really matter who, but how many! So many are focused on going after a select group of people on their list, rather than just talking to a couple people a day and finding out who wants it as badly as they do! NULL

There are 3 Key Ingredients that are needed to be successful in Network Marketing: 1. Burning Desire 2. Willingness to Work 3. Teachable/Coachable A while back, a lady in my business shared with me that when you’re not moving forward as fast as you’d like in your particular business, you’re missing one of the 3 Key Ingredients. I’d venture to guess that for most of us, I know it’s this way for me most of the time, it is not necessarily Willingness to Work, but simply not doing enough work!

It’s always easy to blame someone else or some situation for not being where we want to be, when the only person we need to get mad enough at to make things happen, is the person who’s looking back at us in the mirror every morning.

In my opinion, the key factor in our businesses not moving forward faster comes down to one thing… BELIEF! There’s a brand-new book out in the marketplace right now that has everything you need in order to be successful in this industry! The book is called, “When the Dream is Big Enough – The Journey of a Professional Networker” by Johnna Parr. Johnna is an absolutely dynamic leader in the particular business I’m in and it’s truly a life-changing experience, just reading this book! For those that are interested in picking up a copy, simply go to! Again, this book is for anyone to read in the Network Marketing industry, not any particular business! Check it out today! Duplication is such an easy concept, I think it’s hard for many to grasp, especially those outside this industry that think they’ll achieve Financial Freedom by working for someone else the rest of their life! Another book that illustrates the Duplication concept and talks about something many people don’t like is what I call Delayed Gratification. “The Slight Edge” by Jeff Olson is another book to get in your team’s hands to help them understand the Duplication concept.

When talking with others in my particular business, I like to refer to a saying I got out of a book a few years ago and that is… Keep Feeding the Monster.

We live in such a fast-paced, instant-gratification, fast-food society today that a lot of people, if they understood this Duplication concept, would fall in love with the Network Marketing industry overnight! I get more fired up everyday, because of the possibilities this type of business can offer anyone in America today! People we know, even those we haven’t called off of our names lists… are praying for what we have to offer, right now! So… what are you waiting for? Call ’em up, tell them you’re excited about something they deserve to hear about, and share something with them that can change their life forever! The way I see it… if I don’t at least call/talk to everyone I know and meet… what kind of friend am I for not at least sharing this wonderful business with them! As another one of my mentors, David Hervey, says….“You ain’t gonna make it with the ones you got! New blood is the life blood of your business!” Let’s get out there and change some lives! See you all next month at one of the greatest tools out there today to help you achieve your Dreams & Goals… The Network Marketing Magazine! “You can’t go back and make a brand-new start, but you can start today and make a brand-new ending.” – John C. Maxwell


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