The Key to Creating a Large, Energetic Team of Young Adults by Dakota Rea

Dakota ReaOne of the best techniques in marketing to Gen Y – relate with them in a form they can relate to and the wall of defense will go down!  When I consult with networkers around the world, one of the first concerns they share with me is how much trouble they have getting young adults (Gen Y’s) interested in their business opportunity. They usually say something like this… “Creating a big team of young adults is very important to me but I don’t feel like I can talk to them as well as you can. You’re their age and I’m a baby boomer. How can I start a team if I have trouble relating with them?” I quickly assure them that they are right. “Young adults today relate and communicate better with their peers than anyone else. They especially will be interested in working with people their own age and if all their friends are doing it they will jump right in almost every time.” NULL

I then say… The first step is to find a Gen Y person that has influence. If you find one then he or she will open the doors to all of his or her contacts. You will actually be surprised in most cases how many more contacts young adults have today compared to traditional net-workers when they first start out making their list. Here’s the BIG tip…

Almost every Gen Y person has a page, and most of them have an average of over 100 contacts that they can…

– Send instant messages to – Have access to their friends and their friend’s friends and so on – Invite to an event or conference call and see who’s already attending – Post a bulletin for all their friends to see at one time – Post a Blog (Online Journal) – And Much More

Then I ask them a few questions. “What has been your biggest challenge with getting Gen Y’s interested?” They say: “Well, I don’t know very many young adults that well. How can I find one like you?” I say: “Well, who do you know that has a son or daughter who’s 18 – 29 years old and ambitious and hungry for change in their life?” They say: “How do I go about signing one up?” ANSWER: Well, first of all make a list of all the ambitious young adults you can think of and then pick the top one and give that person a call.

Young adults today have been conditioned to believe that to get a job or a position they need to qualify after an interview. So why not call them and set up an interview?

You could call and say: “Hi, I’ve just started a partnership with a big international company. Right now we are looking for some key young adults to help us expand in this area – to be our leading apprentice. Do you think you got what it takes?” If they say yes, ask them qualifying questions like:

Are you going to school or working? What are you taking? Are you a motivated person? Are you good with people?

Then you could say something like this… “Well, I don’t have a lot of time to chat right now but go ahead and give me your contact info and we could probably set a time this week to have an interview and talk more about the possibilities… Do you mind if I text you?” Why Text Message Marketing Is The Future And How You Can Use It To Your Advantage: Just recently I flew down to Orlando and Ocala Florida to be the Key Note presenter at a few opportunity meetings. That night as I was being driven back to the luxury hotel I was staying at in Orlando I got reminded on my cell phone’s calendar that I had a conference call to host about a big event that was coming up.

I had about 15 min. until the call started and knew that Gen Y’s are spur of the moment type of people. I then sent a text message that reminded them of the time of the call, and the number to dial including the access code.

With the cell phone I had at the time I could send the same instant message to 10 people’s cell phones at a time. I sent it to about 50 Gen Y’s in my organization in about 5 min. When the call had started I noticed that about 45 out of the 50 came on the call! I know that if I hadn’t done that there would have been about 30-40 less on the call! The cool part of this story was that the distributors that were in the car with me taking me to my hotel, got lost as I was on the call; they got lost for two reasons. One, I was getting them pumped up and distracted from my talk, and two they were from Minnesota not Florida. One of the things that really got the people on the call excited was I was telling them here and there that I was in the car in Florida and we were pretty much lost and it was about 11:00 at night EST, but all of the sudden I saw that we were accidentally driving into the entrance of Disney World… So what did I say…? “I’m going to Disney World and it’s all because of the company!” Here’s a tip: Do you see that I related a movie to what I was trying to explain?

This is one of the best techniques in marketing to Gen Y, relate with them in a form they can relate to and the wall of defense will go down!



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