The MLM Sky is Still Not Falling! by Len Clements

Len-ClementsFDA Draft Guidance for Supplement Industry Us Baby Boomers, and what ever they call those that came the generation before us (Gen W?) will surely remember the story of Chicken Little (a.k.a Henny Penny; Chicken Licken), who tried desperately to inform all who would listen that the world was ending. His hysterical exclamation “The sky is falling!” has become, as defined by the character’s Wiki page, a “common idiom indicating a hysterical or mistaken belief that disaster is imminent.” There seems to be a lot of Chicken Little within our industry, and the dietary supplement industry as well. About once a year now, on average, we’re told the falling of the sky is imminent, and either the dietary supplement segment, or the MLM industry as a whole, is doomed.  NULL

Unless, of course, we all rally behind those heroes attempting to save our profession. In some cases we’ve even been asked to send them our cash so they can afford to better fight those deep pocketed bureaucrat devils. And then, time and time again, the sky stays right where it is. The biggest peeve I have with these Chicken Little’s who keep crying wolf is that it tends to make so many of us lame ducks.

Why would anyone want to join, or encourage others to join, a profession that supposedly is about to be “devastated”? How can any distributor get excited, and committed, to an industry that, allegedly, keeps coming under attack by “jack booted government thugs” who are going to “beat down your door”?

These are actual quotes from well respected industry leaders. Shouldn’t they be trying to increase recruiting and decrease attrition? I would understand if these warnings had any merit, but… well, it would take about seven pages to make my case why they don’t. So rather than give all your spam filters seven more pages of excuses to flag this Alert, I’ve attached it as a PDF here: I’ll also be discussing this topic live on a future ANMP training call as well as’s inaugural “OnAir with Keeper” internet broadcast on Monday, November 1st, at 4:00 pm PST (7:00 EST). Thanks for listening. Len Clements Founder & CEO MarketWave, Inc.


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