“The Negative Spouse Syndrome” by Dale Calvert

DaleCalvertOne of the biggest issues WOMEN IN NETWORK MARKETING FACE  There is nothing more powerful in the network marketing industry than a couple working together towards common dreams and goals. More often than not, this is not the case. The women starts the business, persists through the learning curve and after her initial success, the husband talks about how “they” built the business. I am sure many are thinking, I don’t care if he takes the credit for our success, as long as he quits being so negative and we achieve success.

So how do you deal with a negative husband? The short answer is head on.

For some reason many men are intimidated by a wife who wants to improve the financial security of her family. NULL

I remember distinctly a negative husband who told me, I have no doubt that if she is successful building her business she won’t need me anymore. I had another share with me that he felt like his wife building a business was an indication that he had not provided well enough for his family. Remember the male ego is a weird, unpredictable and very fragile. So if your husband is negative, here is what I suggest you do. Make an appointment to have a heart to heart talk. Why appointment? Because he needs to know you are serious, and you need his undivided attention. There is nothing worse than trying to communicate with your husband regarding a serious matter while he is ½ listening and watching the football game.

Let him know what your plans and intentions are.

Why you want to build a business and why it is important to you. Most men will respond to their wife when they know she is sincere and talking from her heart. Here is the most important advice I can give you.

Don’t ask for support; just ask him to be neutral for a specific period of time.

Just have him agree to not be negative for 1 year, 2 years if you can negotiate that amount of time, but no less than 6 months. Secondly spend some of your initial profits on him. I recommend establishing a date night, were you take him to dinner and pay for it from your business. Do this at least once a month, and once a week if possible. Additionally, surprise him with a golf trip, or other special event you know that will mean a lot to him. I have watched hundreds of negative husbands become positive encourager’s after attending a corporate convention. So do your best to have him attend a company sponsored event with you, even if you must disguise it as a romantic weekend. If you stay focused and persistent in your pursuit of MLM Success, your husband will come around, I know it may seem bleak now, but keep the faith and follow my advice and in no time at all he will be speaking at local events sharing how “he” built the business.


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